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  • Mission Workshop: Arkiv Modular Bags

    Here’s a little preview of what’s on the horizon for Mission Workshop. Debuting shortly, the Arkive Modular Bag series from Mission Workshop features a removable mini pocket / U-lock holster with numerous ways of being setup (i.e. modular). There’s been some skepticism floating around this bag, especially in the comments section of other sites but I’m all for it.

    I like seeing innovation and can already see how this system would make my life a little simpler. Each day I wake up, figure out whether to ride the commuter or track bike to work and then comes the dilemma of how to transport my goods. I’ve got a rack and panniers on my VD and a big ‘ole Chrome backpack for track bike days, but my problem is remembering all the little things I transfer between bags. Keys, wallet, phone, lock…you know – this is where the detachable bag might be handy. I’m sure this won’t be the only module available for the Arkiv system either…which has me waiting to see what’s next.

    Oh yeah, US-made with a lifetime warranty.