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  • 2 Wheels, 2 Planks

    Loyal reader and local enthusiast Peter W. sent along this heads up on what sounds like an awesome time. It’s going on this Saturday night at Starks Nest Pub down at Mad River Glen.

    “A multi-media slideshows featuring our month-long, bike-supported, backcountry skiing adventure through Norway’s Arctic Alps this past spring 2010. Carrying everything we needed on our bicycles to ski, camp and explore, we immersed ourselves in a human-powered adventure unlike any we had experienced before. We climbed and skied mountains from summit to sea, pedaled our bikes under the light of midnight sun, and discovered a generous, caring and environmentally conscious people. Don’t miss this extraordinary celebration of human-powered mountain adventure.

    Admission to this show is 5 for Green Mountain Club members, $8 for non-members. All proceeds from this show benefit the Green Mountain Club (GMC), the keepers of Vermont’s precious Long Trail.”

    Check out the Facebook event page, and the rest of the flyer here.

  • The Story of FBM

    I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM (Full Movie) from Joe Stakun on Vimeo.

    It’s a long one, but well worth the watch. I Love My Bicycle is the story behind 15 year old Steve Crandall’s tee shirts and how the brand grew to became one of the most notable grassroots BMX companies around.

    via The Come Up