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  • Blackburn Unveils Mountain Bike Specific HV Floor Pump

    blackburn mountain bike pump

    Being a longtime fan of Blackburn products, I’m more than happy to share one of their latest products with you: The Chamber HV Floor Pump, specifically made for mountain bikes. Now I know what you’re thinking, “why do I need a pump specifically made for mountain bikes?”. Well, you don’t really…but there are certainly some well-thought-out features, especially at the price-point.

    Starting off, you’ll notice that this pump only does 50 PSI. For a pump that you’ll probably keep in your car and use solely for mountain bikes, that’s more than enough power. The Chamber HV Floor Pump is also equipped with a 47″ hose, making it easy to top up your tires while your bike(s) is still on your car’s back rack. One you’re done shredding (or before, depending on your style), you’ll really appreciate the built-in bottle opener for those post-(or pre)ride refreshments. Take all those  features, wrap them in camo and you’ve got yourself a solid pump worthy of any trailhead.

  • Sea Otter Classic: BOSCH eMTB Race


    The Sea Otter starts tomorrow, April 14th and runs through the 17th. One of the many activities going on is this eMTB Industry Challence Race. The winner will win a $5k cash purse to be donated to a local trail-building non-profit organization of their choice.

    The Race: Compete in the 1st ever eMTB Race at the Sea Otter Classic. Friday, April 15th, 4 PM on the “Swale” (near Dual Slalom). Full course details
    • The Stakes: One Industry Winner will take the glory…and a $5k cash prize to donate to a local trail-building non-profit organization of their choice.
    • The Rules: Ages 15 and older and all genders are eligible, as long as you currently work within the bicycle industry. No racing license required. Rules on eligible eMTBs –
    • The Sign Up: First 25 people to register will receive complimentary registration. Enter coupon code: EMTBIC2016. Beyond that, normal registration rates of $55 apply.
    No eBike? No worries! Reserve an eMTB for free courtesy of Bosch (while supplies last), contact: So charge up, kit up, and step up for both your company and your local mountain biking association!
  • A Fat Bike Freeride Film: 2 Fat 2 Furious

    I thought those photos from the Budnitz FTB fat bike shoot were awesome, but then I saw this and had to pass it along. How many of you guys out there with fat bikes have fantasized about this exact scenario? Videos like this make it impossible not to miss my Neck Romancer and the heavy snow we’re known to get back in Vermont.

    Enjoy 2 Fat 2 Furious – A Fat Bike Freeride Film featuring Geoff Gulevich, Wade Simmons, and Noah Brousseau for Rocky Mountain Bicycles.

    Filmed & Edited by Liam Mullany
    Additional Cinematography by Harrison Mendel
    Produced by Liam Mullany & Brian Park
    Special Thanks to Cory Leclerc & Eric Simmons
    Music: Jet Trash — Baby C’mon

  • Bike Magazine: Vermont’s Kingdom Trails – East Burke

    Here’s a really solid piece from Bike Magazine on the Kingdom Trails out in East Burke, VT. If you couldn’t tell, Vermont’s been on my mind quite a bit lately; and this video evokes equal doses of homesickness and summer stoke.

    The Kingdom Trail system is not only an amazing network of trails ranging in technicality and terrain, the trails also span the land of 60 private landowners, all of whom have given permission to the Kingdom Trails Association for use. That’s a tight-knit and special community if you ask me.

  • The Hangover Trail In Sedona, Arizona – Nate Hills

    Wow, the Hangover Trail in Sedona, Arizona is absolutely insane. The younger me would be loving the sketchiness, but I can’t say the same for myself right now.

    Anyway, full-screen this one and watch Nate Hills rip.

    Read  up more about riding the Hangover trail here.

  • Beast Coasters 9

    New fire from the Beast Coasters dudes. Beast Coasters 9 has me yearning for warm weather and mountain bikes; two that I won’t be experiencing until Juneish.

    Anyway, enjoy the latest episode where the guys travel to Mad River Valley and Thunder Mountain down in Western Mass aka Southern Vermont.

    Featuring Beast Coasters: Jake Anderson, Mickey Denoncourt, Garson Fields, Alex Mercer, Collin McBride, Adam Plumley, Stephen Pope and LSDV.



    DAMN, the latest BEAST COASTERS video goes! There is some very very solid shredding going on here and the editing gets an A+ in my book.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy Connor Bianchi, Connor Daley, Ryan McEvoy, Ethan Mosedale, Stephen Pope and LSDV ripping Burke Mountain.

    Beast Coasters: Bicycle Nightcycle at Talent Skatepark & Shop
    Beast Coasters 3 at Talent Skatepark
    Beast Coasters 4.1 – Saxon Hill in Essex, VT

  • Trails to Shred: North Umpqua Trail, Oregon

    North Umpqua Trail

    Attention Oregon: you should go shred North Umpqua Trail. While I’ve never made it to Oregon, I know it’s only a matter of time before I pay the good ole’ northwest a visit. I’ve spend some time in Seattle and absolutely loved it, so I know a stint in Portland is on the horizon, especially being that so many of my friends have migrated there.

    Adventure Journal just posted a little feature on the North Umpqua trails which has me beyond excited to get back on the mountain bike next week (I’ll be visiting the USA for a whole month!). Starting near Maidu Lake (aka the NUT), you’ve got 79 miles of rolling singletrack which is broken into 11 smaller sections; so either tackle a few parts or more if you’re really feeling it.

    So Oregon friends – who’s been here and is it worth a trip? I already know the answer to the second question, so scratch that.