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  • Keener 36er MTB


    Designed and built by a guy who builds telescopes for a living, this Keener 36er mountain bike is quite a piece of work. The guys at Dirt Rag caught up with Brian Keener to snap a few photos and get more into about his bike. According to Brian, he build his first 36er 8 years ago and has put over 50,000 miles on it since, riding everywhere from 24 hour races to commuting. Not sure how I’d handle a 36er, especially since I’m still riding a 26″ mountain bike (thinking about a 650b). Anyway, make sure to check out the rest of the photos over on the Dirt Rag site.


  • Danny MacAskill in Taiwan

    Another great video from Danny MacAskill. This time, he’s exploring the vast range of terrain within the streets of Taiwan. Check it out! I’m sure this will be making its way around the internet today.

  • Marin Bikes: 2014 Line & Video

    My first “real” mountain bike was a Marin Rocky Ridge that I bought at a shop I ended up working at nearly 12 years ago. It’s great to see the brand’s growth over the years, so I’m excited to share their 2014 line and re-branding with you. Marin Bikes California is charging into 2014 with a new president and their best bikes to date. Check out the video and be sure to have a look through the 2014 Marin lineup.


  • Seattle’s I-5 DIY Mountain Bike Park

    I’ve been really kicking myself after seeing Mr. Prolly’s post on CSK at Seattle’s I-5 DIY mountain bike park. I was just out in Seattle last month and the I-5 park was on my big ‘ole “to-do” list and sadly, I never got to visiting it. My good friend from Olympia had recommended checking it out and I somewhat over-booked myself. Oh well, I’ll be back to Seattle soon; hopefully with a bike this time, too.
    Nothing against FGFS, I’d just rather watch mountain biking so this little documentary was perfect. Enjoy this documentary showing all the hard work put into the park. Fun fact: over 12,000 hours of volunteer hours have been logged for this project!


  • Baum Extensa by Above Category


    baum extensa

    If you’re familiar with Above Category then you’re well aware of the level of builds that they’re pumping out. This Baum Extensa is no exception either. This Baum Extensa was built as a daily rider for the streets and a weekend ripper for the trails, and as you can see it’s well-equipped to rip on both fronts. The grade 9 ti tubeset along with the tapered headtube allow for a nice mix of comfort and responsiveness; a unity often hard to pin down when it comes to mountain bikes.

    I’ve always wanted to give a ti mtb a go, but my scandium / carbon rig has been keeping me happy for years. Get a better look at this bike below and be sure to check out the rest of what Above Category has been up to on their site.


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  • FASTHEFACTORY: Stone Free JHT Mountain Bike


     photo 29er_kevlar_zps91299a5a.jpg

    In the spirit of the earlier post today, here’s an awesome rigid carbon 29er straight outta Modena, Italy. Valerio sent me these photos of the Stone Free JHT 29er by FASTHEFACTORY and of course, I had to share. This bike is rad. No, it’s not just another carbon bike…it’s actually constructed of proprietary carbon honeycomb tubing that’s 30% lighter than standard cRabon and also 30% stiffer. You’d normally only see this type of carbon in Formula 1 cars, but the folks at FASTHEFACTORY were lucky enough to come in contact with a former F1 engineer who has since started producing honeycomb carbon tubes for bicycles.

    As you begin to digest this bike, you’ll see that it’s also equipped with a tapered headtube going from 1 1/8″ to 1 1/2″ for added stiffness and also features a  strip of kevlar along the downtube for added protection from anything your front tire may kick up. Oh yeah, this frame is only 859 grams too. Check it out in further detail below.


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  • 2013 Mill Jam – Bellows Falls, VT


    mill jam vermont

    Remember that diy spot I posted a little while ago? Well, they’re throwing a little jam with MTBVT at the Papermill Spot in Bellows Falls, VT on March 16th at 2 pm. There will be prizes awarded for best trick, line and leprechaun outfit. Head over to Facebook for more info.


  • Valparaiso Urban Downhill: Marcelo Gutierrez Winning Run

    Man, talk about a POV! Check out Contour’s video showcasing Marcelo Gutierrez’s winning run at the Valparaiso Urban Downhill race. You’re definitely gonna want to full-screen this one.


  • NAHBS 2013: Moots IMBA Trail Maintenance Bike


    This was probably my favorite purpose-built bike at NAHBS this past weekend. This Moots comes equipped to carry all the necessities for proper trail maintenance. From the front, you’ve got a rack carrying some refreshments, a shovel holder, then a custom frame bag for your sundries and a rear rack specially made to fit a chainsaw. Hey guys, did I mention this bike has a damn chainsaw on the back of it? Very rad. Get up closer below.


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  • Fast Boy Cycles: The Ultimate Tight Ass



    The work of Ezra Caldwell at Fast Boy Cycles is easily some of my favorite out there…It just really resonates with me. The last time I posted about Fast Boy, it was a bicycle belonging to a co-worker of mine:  a stylish townie with a Sturmey Archer 2-speed kick back known as the Burlington Burner. This time around, we have a beautifully brazed 1×11 29er just begging to be unleashed on some singletrack. Great work as always Ezra, you’ve got me counting the days ’til I can break out the XC bike again. More shots below.


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  • Getting Excited for NAHBS: Gallus Cycles – 650B MTB



    Man, I can’t wait to head out to Denver next Thursday. This’ll be the first year that I’m heading to NAHBS and I couldn’t be more jacked up about it. Not only do I get to leave Vermont for a few days, I’ll be in downtown Denver in full-on geek mode for nearly 72 hours! With an estimated attendance of 8 thousand and tons of builders exhibiting, there will be no shortage of things for a lone wolf like myself to do. If you’re gonna be out there and wanna hang, shoot me an email ( and we’ll have to meet up. I’ll have some 40oz koozies with me for sale and a bunch of stickers for free, so don’t be a stranger!

    Oh yeah, I can’t wait to see what Jeremy at Gallus Cycles has to offer either – this 650b MTB is the truth!

    ps, it’s also been featured on the great Cycle EXIF.


  • Winter Fat Biking in Vermont

    I’d first like to apologize at the infrequency of posts here lately – things have been a little bit busy, but rest assured, I’ve got quite the “backlog” of stuff I’ve been meaning to share (and some new products for sale – more on that later). Plus, I’ve been getting ready for NAHBS and couldn’t be more excited to get out there. In the meantime, it’s been snowing here in VT so why not share this video of a couple guys gettin’ fat right here in Vermont?

    Happy Friday – enjoy the snow this weekend if you’re in the northeast.