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  • Riding The Long White Cloud – Full Documentary

    If you couldn’t tell, I love skateboarding; I also love bicycles. For over two decades I’ve been an obsessive skateboarder and bicycle fanatic. Yeah, it sounds kind of cheesy when you put it that way, but if there’s anything I’ve come to learn in the last 20+ years, it’s that there’s nothing quite like combining two great things and doing them both at the same damn time.

    Sometimes great things aren’t really mean’t to go together; red wine and sour candy, Mentos and diet cola, a hot shower in a tropical climate, road bikes and disc brakes (LOL) – you know what I mean? But when you take a bike tour in a place like New Zealand and combine it with some skateboarding, you’ve got yourself a surefire guaranteed fun-as-hell saga ahead you. “Riding The Long White Cloud” is a visualization of countless dreams I’ve woken up from, except that it actually happened.

    Check out this documentary by Alex Craig, featuring some of my favorites: Rick McCrank, Silas Baxter Neal, Cairo Foster, John Rattray, Keegan Sauder, Chris Haslam and Kenny Anderson.

    So kick it back, grab yourself a choice beverage and start planning a journey of your own.

  • New Zealand South Island BMX Road Trip

    1 camper, 5 dudes, 14 days. Awesome watch here, I’d love to get to NZ in the near future…looks like these guys had a real adventure. Produced by Jack Birtles.


  • Busyman Bicycles: Black and The Fern

    Busyman Bicycles is some good stuff. If you’ve been following this blog for a bit, you’ll know I’m a big fan of the custom bicycle saddles. This black perforated saddle sports the Silver Fern of New Zealand.


  • Russ Roca: Christchurch New Zealand

    russ roca new zealand cycling

    russ roca new zealand
    photos: Russ Roca

    Talk about a scenery…It seems as if you can’t take a bad photo in NZ. I’ve been wanting to take a trip to the country for years now, especially after seeing the photos my good friend Tommy shot upon his return to the states this time last year. I finally received my Lonely Planet: Cycling in New Zealand book last week and the lunch break reads are getting me excited. It’ll be a lot of planning and research – maybe I’ll even get some company, but I’d like to get over there on my bike within the next year and a half…

    Until then, Russ Roca – an eco-friendly cycling photographer currently touring NZ, has some incredible captures from his trip on Flickr from riding in Christchurch, the southern island’s largest city.


  • New Zealand Bicycle Touring: Lost World Highway

    russ roca new zealand lost highway bicycle touring

    russ roca new zealand lost highway bicycle touring

    photos: Russ Roca

    Wow. My jaw dropped when I saw this first photo – it really did. I recently ordered a book on bicycle touring in New Zealand and am casually throwing the idea around for a trip sometime within the next year and a half. These two photos from Russ Roca convinced me – time to start planning.


  • New Zealand by Yeti Cycles

    My buddy and old roommate Dan sent this my way and I had to pass it along. I’ve been wanting to visit NZ for what feels like forever – even more so now that many of my friends have made the trip and have incredible stories. I think a bike tour out there would be incredible, don’t you? Here’s a video from Yeti Bicycles trip to New Zealand – full screen is highly recommended.




  • Steve Gregory at Barrys Point Trails

    Steve Gregory Barrys Point BMX

    I love this photo. It was taken in the late 90’s in one of Auckland’s (NZ) first sets of bmx trails. See how the Kiwis do it at Zombie BMX.


  • Blog Intro: ZOMBIE BMX

    I’ve got a handful of good friends who’ve spent some time in New Zealand and their countless stories and photos almost make me feel like I was there. Seriously, NZ is on my to-do list within the next couple years and hopefully I’ll get to bring a bike.

    Anyway, I’ve been reading Zombie BMX-a NZ bmx blog, for a few days now and love what they’ve got going on, see their latest news here.

    Above we have a shot of Jake Prebble with wharf gap!