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  • Loony Bin by Nick vonWerssowetz

    This video here by Nick vonWerssowetz perfectly embodies what skateboarding is all about; at least to me anyway.  Featuring some Lurk NYC greats, including the homie Kevin Mailete, this video will not disappoint! My favorite parts would have to be Cyrus Bennett and Jason Byoun. Head over to Lurk NYC to cop!

    Here’s the full lineup:
    Cyrus Bennett, Jacob Gottlieb, Friends (Stan Karbine, Kevin Mailet, Andrew Wilson, John Choi, Dylan James, Bobby Groves, Daniel Weinstein, Max Palmer, Tyler Gilbert, Billy Mcfeely, Frank Mare, Paul Tucci), Adrian Vega ft Adam Becerra and Justin Ching, Lunchbox including Alex O’donahoe, Nick Carracino, Ricardo Castaneda, Harrison Hafner, Dan Debarros, Danny Castaneda, Kevin Davis and Bobby Groves, Genesis Evans, Shawn Powers/Adam Zhu – Jason Byoun