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  • New Clementine Courier Site!

    One of my best buds Josh and his gang at Clementine Courier just launched a new website, and damn, does it look amazing or what? Make sure to check out the new site, browse rider bios, and if you’re in the city and need something quick be sure to hit these guys up!


  • four rolls

    Here’s something for your Friday! Check out this 16mm skate edit featuring Joey Pepper, Corey Rubin, JT Gleason, Rodney Torres, Steve Marino, Rob Gonyon, Tony Farmer, Dylan James,  Colin Sussingham, Kyle Isles, Paul Tucci, Chris Berntsen, Mark Amiama, Andrew Mclaughlin, Brian Foley and Dillon Constantine.


  • Citi Bike BMX

    This is so awesome – this guy’s got style for miles! Thanks to my buddy Dan for sending this Citi Bike BMX video my way.


  • Kurt Boone: Bard of New York

    I get hyped every time I get an email from Kurt Boone – the guy is a legend among NYC messengers. Check out this video and listen to a few readings from his latest book “Bard of New York”.


  • Chicago CMWC: The World’s Fastest Bicycle Messengers by Kurt Boone


    Kurt Boone is launching his latest book titled Chicago CMWC: The World’s Fastest Bicycle Messengers. I’m a huge fan of Kurt’s. I don’t know about you, but growing up in the NYC area as a youth I’d always hear stories of messengers and Kurt’s name, along with others such as Kevin Bolger (aka Squid) became synonymous with the deep, yet tightly-knit community of bike messengers that make up New York City.

    Fast forward ten years and I’m still fascinated with messenger culture and those involved. My best friend from High School started his own courier service and I’ve met a number of great folks working day in and day out on their bikes in many cities across the US. Not to digress too much, but these types of books excite me. Be sure to check out some of Kurt’s other titles including Asphalt Warrior: The Story of New York City’s Fastest Messenger and Messenger Poet featuring illustrations by Greg Ugalde.

    I’m also a big fan of J Milligan’s Eggman.


  • Clementine Courier Portraits & Photos

    8951839242_1a8b5ece4b_c clementine courier

    photos: Wilis Johnson

    My buddy Josh and I go way back, so it’s been nice to see him popping up around the internets these days. He and his crew of messengers at Clementine Courier recently had a little portrait session and these were a couple of my favorites. Check out the rest here – there are a ton of great shots.



  • Eric Corriel’s Red Hook Crit Art Installation

    If you were at the Red Hook Crit last year, you’ll remember Eric Corriel‘s projected animation on a warehouse wall. This year he expanded upon the concept by projecting an his art on moving subjects as opposed to a static canvas; combining the rider’s movements and abstract elements to make a very unique and engaging installation. See how it all came together above and be sure to check out more of Eric’s work while you’re at it.


  • Red Hook Crit Recap



    As mentioned in the last post, Hunt and I were down at the Red Hook Crit this past weekend. I still can’t get over how much fun the event was. Plus, the weather Saturday was amazing; warm, sunny and filled with fast bikes. It definitely cooled down once the sun set though. But, after living in Vermont for a while I’ve gotten used to packing extra layers along with a pair of gloves; so I was all set.

    The main event was insane. The gates were lined with spectators, the course was technical and there some of the fastest riders racing. Neil Bezdek was slaying and ended up taking home the win, with Evan Murphy and Walton Brush following in second and third. Here’s the full list of Red Hook Crit results. Check out a bunch more narrated photos below.


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