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  • Another Great Weekend

    Photo Mar 30, 1 38 01 PM

    As I mentioned earlier, Hunt and I were down in the city over the weekend catching up with some old friends and checking out the Red Hook Crit. My longtime buddy Josh was overly hospitable, as always, and let us crash at his one bedroom apartment along with Marc and Chas who were out to race from California.

    The weekend was a blast. I saw a few old friends that I hadn’t seen in at least seven years and shot a bunch of photos of the race. It was also my Country Road Bob’s first trip to the big city, although I’d been kicking myself for not bringing the track bike as I usually do. Where are the photos you ask? Well, I’m exhausted to be honest, and just got around to sorting/editing them last night. We got a bit of a late start on the road Sunday and didn’t end up in Burlington until after 2 am – so yesterday I was barely functioning by the end of the work day. Stay tuned for those photos this evening. In the mean time, here’s a little Instagram snap of Chas, Josh and Marc as we were heading out to Red Hook for the pre- qualifiers.


  • Red Hook Crit This Weekend

    red hook crit

    Couldn’t be more excited for this weekend. Not only has work been absolutely insane lately, but it’s also been a few months since I’ve been to the city and I’ve been getting that itch. Later today, Hunt and I are cruising down to kick it with Josh and watch Red Hook Crit tomorrow. Who else is gonna be there? So far, I’ve seen only one racer from Burlington, VT on the lineup, so Dan Smith, make us proud! If you’d like to kick it (or just want some stickers), hit me up on Twitter at @CultureCycles or @klei_ber.

    Stoked would be an understatement.


  • Happy New Year


    Happy new year everyone! I’d like to thank everyone who has visited the site, come out to our events and supported us over the last three years. Last year was a good one, but also a very busy one. In case you’re wondering why there hasn’t been a recap of 2012, or “top bicycles” post yet, don’t fret; I’ve been working on it. I’ve also traveled to the city 3 times in the last week, so I’ve definitely got a backlog of posts coming.

    Stay tuned. In the mean time, check out this view from my buddy’s place in Brooklyn.


  • Cranksgiving NYC 2012 – Boda Boda

    A great video from this year’s Cranksgiving in NYC by BODABODA! Thanks to my buddy Josh for sharing it on the Facebook.

    I gotta get back to the city soon!



  • Chrome & Horitoshi 1 Bag Launch Party NYC

    Just got word from the homies at Chrome on tonight’s event in NYC: The Chrome and Horitoshi 1 Bag Launch Party. I know plenty of you in the city will probably be rolling through, but to my friends down there visiting: hit this up if you get the chance.


  • Eggman: A Novel by J Milligan

    eggman a novel

    Eggman is a novel written by J Milligan about a bike messenger and his experiences navigating day-to-day life in the city. I’ve only made it through the first 2 chapters (work has been crazy busy), but let me tell you this is a fine piece of literature. You really get a feel for the daily diversities that are unexpectedly thrown at messengers, and J does an amazing job of making you feel like you’re cruising along for the ride. Recognize the art work? Thought you might, the cover was done by none other than Chris Piascik.

    *With the wake Sandy left in New York City, J is donating all royalties from Eggman sales to hurricane relief. Read more about that here and learn more about the book on the Eggman site.


  • Restore Red Hook Jerseys

    restore red hook cycling jersey

    I wanted to pass this along as I’ve got many friends, family and homies that have all been affected by Hurricane Sandy. Red Hook in Brooklyn was one of the areas that got hit hardest, leaving nearly the entire area underwater. It’s also one of my favorite areas to visit when I’m in the city, so seeing this devastation really hit close to home for me (literally and figuratively). Help the folks at Gage & Desoto keep the spirit of this community by pre-ordering a jersey. I really need a new long sleeve jersey too, so you bet I’ll be picking one of these up.

    Our neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn has been left flooded and in shambles following Hurricane Sandy. Countless homes, shops, artist studios, restaurants, bars, and workshops have been devastated. Despite this recent hardship, the heart of this vibrant community cannot be washed away. While our own storefront office flooded, the losses are minimal compared to the dire situation in the neighborhood.

    Castelli Cycling has generously stepped up to produce a pair of special benefit jerseys with us to help raise funds for Red Hook’s recovery. Designed by Jonah Birns, the jerseys will be pre-sold exclusively on Gage+DeSoto until December 1st. After production is complete, we will be shipping these in mid-January.

    All profits from these jerseys will be split between the Red Hook Initiative (RHI) and Restore Red Hook (RRH). The RHI–an established community center–is operating as the critical organizer of relief efforts. Since then, Restore Red Hook has also been set up to help the many devastated small businesses of Red Hook reopen their doors as soon as possible.

    Available in race weight short sleeve (also in Women’s sizes) or thermal long sleeve (Men’s only) | Please select size and style before you check out. PRE-ORDER HERE


  • Dosnoventa Runs New York City 2012 – Teaser

    DOSNOVENTA RUNS NEW YORK CITY 2012 – TEASER from CREAM Bikes & Things on Vimeo.

    This teaser for Dosnoventa Runs New York City is great. Really makes me want to take a trip to the city soon, it’s been so long.