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  • Be Careful Out There…

    fairdale bikes

    Saw this post on  Fairdale and Prolly, but had to pass it along. It’s funny, cause there’s never been a time while I’m out on my bike and don’t notice at least a few of these violations.

    Too much funny business going on out there, keep your head up! Love the artwork too, these are some great drawings – especially the fish (Phish) drawing, cause that’s something you see quite often around Burlington…damn hippies.

    Head over to Fairdale to see the rest of his findings.


    1 out of every 2 drivers are on the phone.

    1 out of every 5 drivers are texting.

    1 out of every 25 drivers has an open beer in their cup holder.

    1 out of every 6 drivers will make a right turn through a red light or stop sign faster then would seem safe on a green light.