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  • Vermont Klunking 2012

    Mountain Bike Klunking Vermont

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    klunker racding
    This past Saturday our good friend (and my former roommate) Dan organized a little gathering out in Northfield, VT, centered around the idea of klunking down some Class 4 roads to pay homage to our mountain biking predecessors. The weather that day was extremely hot and pretty humid, although by the time we made it to Dan’s folk’s place the sun was beginning to retire, giving us the perfect opportunity to play horseshoes and drink a keg of amazing Harpoon IPA before descending some really hairy terrain on bikes with only a rear coaster-brake.  I gotta say, the beers certainly helped.

    As the sun began to set we rode/walked up this overgrown path that resembled an old smuggling trail, filled with ruts, rocks, water, mud, grass, ticks and a bunch of surprises you didn’t find out about until riding over them. We all took a few runs, then I posted up with my iPhone and documented some of the madness. Check out some more photos and continue reading below.


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  • Onion River Sports: 3rd Annual Frozen Onion

    dan hock per tonn onion river frozen onion

    Yesterday was Onion River Sport‘s 3rd Annual Frozen Onion winter mountain bike race and they’ve got a ton of great shots up on their Facbook Page. Check out Dan’s onesey! He’s riding the Univega Alpina Sport I recently posted, and that’s Per right on his tail. Head over to the Onion River site for the results.


  • 2nd Annual Frozen Onion Race

    Really short notice, but if you’re interested in some good old ice racing and live in the Montpilier area, get yourself and your bicycle over to Hubbard park by 9:30 for registration. There are no requirements, but serious traction is reccomended. Onion River Sports will have studded tires for sale. Sounds like fun, wish I could make it. More on that here.

    For more VT related winter bike events make sure to check out 2 Planks, 2 Tires tonight at Mad River. More on that here.