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  • Embrocation on Osymetric Chain Rings

    osymetric chain ring

    It’s not everyday you see a modern road bike sporting non-round (didn’t want to use a Bio-Pace´reference) chain rings, but over the past few years Osymetric rings have been showing up in competition-especially elite and pro level road racing. It’s interesting how so many pro’s use them, yet Osymetric doesn’t endorse anyone-meaning they’re all purchasing these rings themselves. Riders on teams such as Garmin-Cervelo and Team Sky seem to have grown fond of them.

    osymetric chain ring emrbocation

    The folks at Embrocation put together an extremely insightful article on Osyemtric chain rings and common misconceptions behind non-traditional rings like these. Make sure to have a look at that write up, it really sparked some thought over here. It’d be great to test these out sometime, anyone running ’em?