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  • North St. Bags Introduces The Morrison – A Waterproof Pannier & Backpack

     Morrison Backpack Pannier

    If you’re a bicycle commuter using panniers day-to-day, you’re probably well-aware of their convenience on the bike and the often-forgotten inconvenience off the bike. Panniers are great, but many of them are only designed to sit on your rack and not function as a standalone bag. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some out there that can also function as a backpack, but the latest pannier/backpack release from North St. Bags nails it.

    I’d like to plug The Morrison waterproof pannier / backpack combo from North St. Bags. Made-to-order from Portland, OR, this pannier/backpack combo is just as at home on your rack or your back. From $189 and up,  you’ll get a handmade CORDURA pannier that doubles as a backpack with a lifetime warranty; pretty good if you ask me.


  • Blackburn Central Trunk Rack Top Bag




    The good folks at Blackburn were kind enough to set me up with one of these Blackburn Central Trunk bags, designed to sit atop a rear rack. In the past, you probably wouldn’t catch me sporting such a bag since they’re usually a bit of an eyesore, but this Blackburn has done this rear rack bag right. The material is durable and even come with a rain cover for those messy commutes.

    The interior is compartmentalized with built-in mesh pockets, fleece-lined zipped exterior pockets and my favorite feature: customizable dividers. They’re much like a camera bag, which is perfect for me since I tend to carry a camera with me often.

    I’ll be sure to post some photos of this bag in the field. I’m in the midst of getting parts together for a new track bike, so stay tuned for that as well.


  • Chrome Industries Introduces Knurled Welded Waterproof Rolltops




    I’ve wanted Chrome to make some bags like this for quite a while! It’s awesome seeing them tap into the touring and urban commuting market with their latest line of Chrome Knurled Welded Waterproof Rolltops. Their latest release includes the Excursion Rolltop 37, Urban EX Rolltop 18, the Saddle Bag Rolltop 20 and the Front Rack Duffle 40; all brilliant options. Though, I think I’m most excited about the Front Rack Duffel and the Saddle Bag Rolltop – pictured above.

    Chrome created Knurled Welded™ Waterproof Rolltops for bike camping, adventure biking, and all weather commuting – when weight matters and getting wet is not an option. Knurled Welded™ Rolltops are made with our proprietary welding technology that combines RF welding with a mechanical interlock to create the toughest, lightest 100% waterproof bags. Each bag has a watertight rolltop closure for submersible water protection, a Hypalon® Molle loop system for expandability, and five-bar webbing haul straps for hand carrying. Go Farther. Stay Dryer. Guaranteed for Life.

    The Knurled Welded line consists of Saddle Bag and Front Rack Duffle Rolltop. 
    Knurled Welded Rolldtop Duffle and Saddle Bag Rolltop work on the bike and off. Both bags leave the hardware on the bike where it should be.  The Result is a saddle bag and front rack duffle you can carry around.

    800lbs pull strength, 600 Denier, Waterproof Construction

    150% more contact surface welds than other waterproof technology

    70% lighter then traditional waterproof bags

    Be sure to check out these bags in detail below. If you’re as hyped as I am, head over to the Chrome Industries site and see where you can get your own Chrome Knurled Welded bags.


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  • Guest Post: Motely Goods – Custom Handmade Bags for Cyclists

    Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 8.42.24 PM

    Motley Goods

    What better way to follow up a post about me guest blogging than a guest post on my own site? Read up on Motely Goods of San Francisco in this article by Andrew Stephen:

    Dense mist drifted through the sunshine visible above the towers of the Golden Gat bride. A group of my friends gathered around the steps at the entrance. We had our camping gear tucked snuggly in a motley collection of panniers and trailers. The goal: ride our bikes across the bridge, gear in tow, through Marin County to camp for the evening at the Bay Area’s tightly guarded camping locale, China Camp. We had scrambled together the requisite racks, hardware, and gear to make the early spring adventure possible. Much of the gear was procured at the fabled REI used gear sale. But one member of the crew, Cleveland Motley had different plans…

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  • Brooks: Hampstead Holdall

    Brooks announces the Hampstead Holdall. A multifunctional bag designed to last.

    “The Hampstead is a versatile bag for everyday use. It is large enough to hold virtually anything you can carry, but can be attached to a standard rear rack or be worn as a rucksack…The Hampstead expands to mammoth proportions which are allowed by the adjustable straps which secure the bag at any size. The water-resistant treated cotton and foldable top ensure that your contents remain safe from the elements.”

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  • Dan Hock is getting ready to tour


    Our good friend Dan is getting ready to take off on a tour across South America sometime in January with his friend Derek. Here are a few photos of his bike all loaded up as he was getting ready to ride down to his parents house 4 hours south. Check back for updates on Dan and Derek’s tour, we’ll be doing a farewell post and hopefully get to cover a bunch of their progress down south. Until then, check out some more photos of Dan’s bike

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