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  • Death Spray Custom: Fork You Peter Sagan

    death spray custom peter sagan fork

    I’ve got a real soft spot for candy paint. No, not because I’m a particularly loud or ostentatious (quite the opposite, actually), but because you can stare at its sparkle FOR HOURS. Okay, maybe not that long…but you get the point. DSC has been on a tear lately and this fork specially painted for the Peter Sagan and Cannondale is nothing short of spectacular.

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  • Tour De France 2013 – Random Photos & Streaming

    tour de france 2013

    Reuters via Pool photo


    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    The 100th Tour De France is well under way and while I usually don’t like to take much time covering it, I just couldn’t pass up these photos over on The top is an aerial view of the peloton during the 3rd stage from Ajaccio to Calvi which is on the French Mediterranean Island of Corisca.

    The second photo (thanks DSC) shows some artwork on the top tube of Peter Sagan’s Cannondale. I’ve been watching the tour in the background during work and have always enjoyed July solely for this reason. Where have you been watching Le Tour? Norris sent me here which has been helpful but if you’ve got a better source/connection please feel free to share!