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    pinion p1.18 18 speed gear box

    pinion p 1.18 gear box mountain bike

    photo: Pink Bike

    A reader named Joe sent this my way and I’m really happy he did as I’d never seen anything quite like it. Here we have the Pinion P1.18, an 18 – speed bottom-bracket-mounted gear box for your mountain bike designed in Germany by a couple of former Porsche engineers.  Throughout those 18 gears, the Pinion gives you an overall gear ratio of 636% – that’s bigger than any available derailleur ratio or internal hub. I always thought the Rohloff was bad ass, but with the Pinion, the weight of the gear box is distributed throughout the BB area providing a better balance and handling I’d imagine. Got your interest now? Read up more here.

    See some coverage from EuroBike (plus photos of the internals) at Pink Bike. 

    Thanks Joe!