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  • Brew Review #9: Pretty Things Jack D’Or

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    Man, I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last brew review. I’m gonna try to get this going again, and what better beer to welcome you back than the Jack D’Or by Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project. The beer was a Christmas gift from Chris and a really great one at that. The glass you see there was also a gift, this time from my sister (pretty much my whole family, aunts included, got me beer related gifts). Pretty Things likes to describe themselves as “gypsy brewers” as they don’t have a permanent brewery they call home. Instead, they’re tenant brewers which gives them the flexibility of brewing a huge variety of beers.

    The Jack D’Or is their flagship beer and is described as a Saison Americaine. Saison, or “seasonal” beers originated in Belgium during the late 19th century and were typically brewed between November and March. They ended up strong and clean enough to properly age through the summer. A big thing that defines saison-style beers is the yeast used. Most are brewed with a red wine yeast which tolerates very high fermentation temperatures, making it the perfect choice to combat summer heat. While the Jack D’Or isn’t a true Belgium saison, it’s definitely a unique beer. It’s bitter at first but then opens up with an array of plant and citrus-like flavors. I’m no expert here, but I know what I like and this beer was certainly a pleasant surprise. I imagined it being similar to a flavorless Belgian wheat ale but its complexity was a real treat. Highly recommended.