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  • Specialized Shiv Concept: “Lunch Ride Cheater”

    shiv road bike specialized

    I came across this Shiv concept road bike yesterday via Neil Brown’s blog and had to pass it along.  This is what appears to be a mix between a Specialized Shiv TT frame and a road bike – perhaps they’re planning something for 2014? On their Facebook page it’s described as a “Lunch Ride Cheater” – likely referring to the sub-hour hammerfest that some Specialized employees embark on each lunch break. “A 1-off Shiv built as a road bike and ridden daily by Specialized creative director, Robert Egger.” – Specialized

    What I’m curious about is the geometry…I’d like to know whether the front-end angles have been altered at all for the needs of a road racer. I’d be a little nervous diving into a corner with TT geometry as the seat tube looks pretty steep, making me assume the head tube is angled similarly. Either way, this is a 1-off daily rider for Specialized’s creative director Robert Eggar and I wanna learn more! Anyway, be sure check out the shots I posted below and also to head over to the Specialized Facebook see some more on this Shiv concept.


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  • Salsa Full-Suspention Fat Bike Prototype

    Full suspension fat bike prototype

    Fat bikes have been gaining a lot of popularity over the last year and are starting to be seen as more than just a snow or sand bike. These fat tire’d beasts can handle mostly anything you throw at them, and then some. Salsa just recently received a shipment of prototype full suspension fat bike frames that they’ll be testing out in the coming weeks.

    No promises yet, but hopefully these go into production! Talk about a plush ride…