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  • Independent Fabrications to Move to New Hampshire

    p: Chris McCown

    I was reading a great article over at Embrocation just moments ago and it was the first news to me that IF’s majority owner Gary Smith has decided to leave their native land of Sommerville, MA and head a few hours north to somewhere in the Portsmouth Area.

    Good ole’ NH. Home of our friends at Bailey Works, legal fireworks, and zero percent sales tax. But what does this move mean for IF. Well for one, the last of the originals, LLoyd Graves, as well as key marketing and artistic mind Tyler Evans. However as much as change can frighten a lot of people, the work that IF has been producing over the last few years notably has been some of their best yet, and by upgrading facilities the prospect of more beautiful bicycles being built excites me.

    While as a Bostonian, I did take a certain amount of pride in having such a great company right in my backyard, I can’t wait to see what IF will be doing in 2011. And with so many great up and coming builders (Geekhouse, Icarus, and Royal H. to name a few)  in the area there will be no shortage of beauties coming out of the Commonwealth.

    We’d love to hear what you think about the big move, so don’t be shy with the comments.

    Read a great article to emphasize my point over at Embrocation Cycling Journal.