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  • Urban Lace: Bicycle Tube Bracelet

    Urban Lace Bicycle Innertube Bracelette

    What a great idea – I love seeing the things that people come up with when they re-purpose what would otherwise be trash/recycling. The jewelry/accessories coming from Urban Lace have to be some of the more creative items I’ve seen created out of an old bike tube. See what else they’ve got to offer here.


    via Urban Velo

  • Recycled Skateboard Bicycle Fenders

    Skateboard Bike Fenders

    I’m a big fan of re-using and re-purposing; maybe it’s Vermont rubbing off on me? Regardless, being able give things new life has always brought a smile to my face. So when I saw these wooden bike  fenders made out of broken skate decks, I not only got inspired but knew I’d have to share my findings. Right now I’m looking at about 11 1/2 broken decks in the corner of my room, is that enough for some fenders?

    See more of Lindsay Holmes skate deck jewelry here at Maple XO -talk about an awesome concept! Maybe I’ll have to donate some wounded soldiers to the cause.