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  • SF is Rad!



    Oh man, San Francisco has been amazing so far. Despite the rain throughout the past two days, we’ve really been getting after it; riding, skating, eating burritos and exploring the city. Monday morning we hit our first skate park out in Alameda by 10 am, followed by a trip to “Hood Games” in Oakland, then a quick stop by Bicycle Fabrications, and finally ended up at Pacifica Skate Park. So after skating four very different parks we decided it was time for a little road ride to finish off the day. It also started raining, so we embraced rule #9 (screw rules) and headed out to seize the carp.

    Riding over the Golden Gate Bridge was pretty surreal, especially with all the fog and rain. When we arrived in Marin we did a few climbs and a few ultra scary descents. After a couple hours we were all feeling pretty accomplished, so some Pakistani food and beers were in order. All in all I’d say I had an amazing first day out in SF. I made some new friends, learned back tails in tranny, got muddy and was all smiles. What more could you ask for?

    Today we woke up around 7 for a ride leaving out of the Mash store, but not before stopping for coffee at Fourbarrel (I’ve had way too much coffee today). It had been raining since we woke up so I was well-prepared for the soak that was upon us. We rode with some of the Mash bros for a minute and then met up with Walton to cruise south and hit San Bruno. I was feeling pretty cooked by the time we got up San Bruno, especially since I’d only eaten a croissant. Oh well, I’m on vacation to get pitted so cheers to that. Check out some more photos from my trip so far below.


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  • Col de Pailhères by Paul Calver

    Col de Pailhères

    photo: Paul Calver

    Talk about an incredible view…this is what cyclist’s dream of. I’ve yet to ride anything quite as amazing as the switchbacks in Italy, though I have a feeling the Col de Pailhères in France would give ’em a run for their money. After climbing all day on Sunday, these riders were awarded with not only this view but also a long, fast and technical descent.

    via Cycling Tips


  • Bealach Na Bà: The 5th Floor & The North Race

    video by Angus Sung
    This is pretty rad and has me psyched for summer gap rides with my buddies; except I’ll be on a road bike and not a track bike. Check out The 5th Floor and The North Race as they take on the 3rd highest paved road in Scotland, Beaclach Na Ba.

  • Dan & Derek Tackle The White Mountains

    bike touring white mountains new hampshire (1)

    bike touring white mountains new hampshire (2)

    I’d first like to wish my good friend Dan a quick recovery from a pretty serious accident he was in last week. Dan was riding home from the Catamount Family Center when an SUV took a left right into him. If you know Dan, you know he’s one of the most responsible and well-prepared, year-round bicycle commuters you’ll come across. So when I got a call from him at the hospital, I knew something serious had happened. Even with the brightest dynamo-powered headlamp and defensive riding, this is proof that we all need to keep our eyes and ears open for the unexpected. The good news is that he’s on track to make a full recovery and should be back on his bike in due time.

    A few weeks ago, Dan and my friend Derek took a journey out to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for some camping, class four roads and what looks like a serious adventure. Derek wrote a great piece on the trip over at the Old Spokes blog, so you’ll have to head over there for the full scoop and a ton of awesome photos.


  • Chris & Derek Ride The Adirondacks

    derek old spokes home

    Chris and Derek went on an epic ride through the Adirondacks a few days ago and took some great photos along the way. Here’s a shot of Derek, out of the saddle on his Indy Fab. See the whole set at the Old Spokes Flickr.



  • Saturday was nice…

    soma double cross


    Saturday was one of the nicest days we’ve had in Burlington lately and I tried to take full advantage of it. We had 40 degree weather, mostly sun in the morning, and not too much wind. I had a big list of things to do that day, one goal being to find this tunnel and walk through it; I also wanted to get the Soma out for a quick jaunt.

    It’s such a nice feeling riding a bike with 100 psi under me again, especially after spending most of my riding days on studs. At this point with the winter the way it’s been, I could either take a huge snowstorm and be content, or just have straight-up spring hit. I think I’m leaning towards the latter. Couple more bike/nature photos below…Happy Monday everyone.


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  • Riding The Old Roads…

    Soma double cross

    Deda quattro 2 stem

    Sorry, photos from my cell-y.

    I decided to take a quick trip back to New Jersey on Wednesday to visit my folks, relax and do some riding on some of the beautiful roads we have around North-Central Jersey. I gotta say, the experience was quite nostalgic and most definitely therapeutic. I’m scheduled to start a new job on Monday and as you could imagine, I’ve had quite a bit running through my head the past week (not just anxiousness to start). So what better way to take your mind off things than by re-riding some of your favorite roads from the high school racing days? Nothing; and no prescription necessary.  I finally dialed-in the correct stack height on the Soma too, so that nub will be chopped as soon as I get back to my tools in VT.


  • Cinelli Taipei Peace Ride 2011

    Cinelli Taipei Peace Ride 2011 from Flwrider TV on Vimeo.


    How excited are you getting for warm nights on the bicycle? We’re almost there…

    Enjoy some footage from the Cinelli Taipei Peace Ride