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  • Motorcycle Roadtrip from PDX to ATX

    jason finn 8743008510_c0317acf09_c 8752271814_932d7a21e8_c

    photos: Jason Finn

    Jason Finn, along with his buddy Chester Blacksmith of Wethepeople bmx, have been on quite the epic motorcycle journey this past week as they’re heading from Portland, OR to Austin, TX with camping gear and bmx bikes.

    This right here is what I need in my life right now…maybe it’s time to plan a northeast bike / concrete skatepark tour? Who’s with me? August would a great month for such a journey…

    Check out more photos of the trip so far on their Tumblr page. Happy Monday.


  • Vacation Time

    new jersey vacation

    I’m currently at my folk’s place in New Jersey, taking a week off to reboot my mind and get in some quality relaxation. It’s been 18+ months since I’ve had anything more than a 3-day weekend, and that’s no good. What is good, however, is the stack of vacation days I still have after taking this week off.

    My original plan was to cut out of work early on Friday and high tail it down to the city for the Bonobo show with Eric. Well, things didn’t go quite as planned. Being that the weather in Vermont tends to be conveniently inconvenient, we were hit with hail, sleet and ice late Friday afternoon; killing my motivation to drive 5 hours south in the dark. So, I woke up early Saturday and hit the road at 7:30 towards New York. The afternoon was spent skating the LES skate park followed by some some salmon dancing in Times Square.

    I made my way back to Jersey yesterday morning and decided to explore all the old roads I used to ride in high school. It was nostalgic to say the least…I really miss being able to do a quick 25 miles with 1,600 feet of climbing. Anyway, I’ll be heading back up to Vermont tomorrow for the Mad Dashes and to enjoy the rest of my week off. Also, I’d like to apologize for how slow things have been around here lately – I think this week of recuperation will bring a fresh perspective to these pages.


  • Red Hook Crit Recap



    As mentioned in the last post, Hunt and I were down at the Red Hook Crit this past weekend. I still can’t get over how much fun the event was. Plus, the weather Saturday was amazing; warm, sunny and filled with fast bikes. It definitely cooled down once the sun set though. But, after living in Vermont for a while I’ve gotten used to packing extra layers along with a pair of gloves; so I was all set.

    The main event was insane. The gates were lined with spectators, the course was technical and there some of the fastest riders racing. Neil Bezdek was slaying and ended up taking home the win, with Evan Murphy and Walton Brush following in second and third. Here’s the full list of Red Hook Crit results. Check out a bunch more narrated photos below.


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  • Vixxxen & The Catfish Do America

    roadtrip across usa

    My friends Molly and Chas recently completed a journey across the USA from Burlington, VT out to Portland, OR. Here’s a little compilation of Instagram shots from the voyage thanks to Vixxxen.

    Be sure to give each of their blogs a look, they’ll surely keep your RSS reader happy.

    The Catfish Chronicles

    Vixxxen Blog


  • New Zealand South Island BMX Road Trip

    1 camper, 5 dudes, 14 days. Awesome watch here, I’d love to get to NZ in the near future…looks like these guys had a real adventure. Produced by Jack Birtles.


  • Superb Bicycle: Frimp Part 2

    Superb Bicycle Boston

    Superb Bicycle Boston

    Ed Doyle brought a grip of cameras along for our super-last-minute trip to Boston last Sunday and managed to capture this fleet of stunners while we were at Superb.


  • Superb Bicycle: FRIMP!

    Superb Biycle

    When Chris, Ed and I were riding around Boston last Sunday, we stopped by Superb and were met with this fleet of pristine (and mostly NFS) track bikes. Check out that Molteni Merckx Colnago! Photo via Superb.


  • Riding The Old Roads…

    Soma double cross

    Deda quattro 2 stem

    Sorry, photos from my cell-y.

    I decided to take a quick trip back to New Jersey on Wednesday to visit my folks, relax and do some riding on some of the beautiful roads we have around North-Central Jersey. I gotta say, the experience was quite nostalgic and most definitely therapeutic. I’m scheduled to start a new job on Monday and as you could imagine, I’ve had quite a bit running through my head the past week (not just anxiousness to start). So what better way to take your mind off things than by re-riding some of your favorite roads from the high school racing days? Nothing; and no prescription necessary.  I finally dialed-in the correct stack height on the Soma too, so that nub will be chopped as soon as I get back to my tools in VT.