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  • TCB Courier Celebrates 5 Years by MASH SF

    The guys at TCB Courier just celebrated 5 years of business in San Francisco and MASH SF made this rippin’ video to celebrate. Watching this made me that much more excited to rip my track bike around today. Congrats on the 5 years guys!


  • Timbuk2 Celebrates Bike to Work Month in May and June 2014

    Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.44.36 AM

    From the looks of it, I’ll finally have a bicycle this week (after a nearly 2-month hiatus, since moving to Shanghai and leaving my bicycles back in the states) and what better timing than for Bike to Work Month?

    SAN FRANCISCO – Timbuk2, a San Francisco original and longtime bike commuting advocate, is celebrating Bike to Work Month this May and June 2014 with nationwide Bike to Work Day efforts, a Facebook sweepstakes, and an array of new cycling products built for today’s urban commuter.

    Timbuk2’s mission from past to present is inextricably linked to cycling and city life. Launched in 1989 by a bike messenger with a sewing machine, Timbuk2 has evolved from a small-scale messenger bag company to a global ambassador for cycling in the city. Today Timbuk2 designs bags and accessories for cyclists of all levels, having continuously evolved its product line to correspond with the rise of bike commuting, which increased nationwide by 47% between 2000 and 2011*.

    To date, Timbuk2 had donated over $12,000 in cash and products to local, national and global bike advocacy groups, including Transportation Alternatives (NYC), San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Bike Denver, American League of Bicyclists and World Bicycle Relief.

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  • MASH SF: Dylan Buffington

    Having a bad day? Having a good day? Either way, watching Dylan Buffington shred this hill in SF will not only improve your mood, but also make you want to get out there and shred. Sheesh, can’t wait to have a bicycle again…stay tuned for more on that this week.

    via Mash SF


  • Mash SF: Chas Christiansen

    Chas shreds so hard in the latest Mash edit! Turn up your speakers for this one…great riding man!


  • TCB Courier: What You Need

    Here’s a new promo from the good dudes at TCB Courier of San Francisco featuring JDR (thanks for the kit, man!).


  • Magenta Skateboards Welcomes Ben Gore

    SF has never looked so good! Actually, I take that back; every day I spent out in SF back in June was beautiful and this welcome video for Magenta Skateboard’s newest pro Ben Gore just reminds me what a blast I had bombing hills out there! This is what skateboarding is all about.
    Filmed: Zach Chamberlin
    Edited: Vivien Feil


  • Levi’s Commuter Bike Shop


    I’m diggin’ this a lot! Levi’s traveling bike shop is coming to Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Minneapolis and Brooklyn for free tune-ups, tailoring, bike valet and washing! That’s a deal if you ask me, especially the tailoring!

    More at: Levi’s Commuter


  • I Miss SF: Magenta Hill Street Blues 2

    I’ve only been back from SF for about a month now but already but already miss the place, badly. While I was out there I definitely got my share of riding in, but also had a few things I wanted to do on the ole skateboard; bombing a hill was one of my objectives.

    While hanging with some friends at Bicycle Fabrications, I stepped outside to rip some of the semi-steep hills of SOMA and probably did the longest powerslide of my life – nearly 2 car lengths! Anyway, the Magenta folks are some of my favorite people in skateboarding right now and their recent SF Hill Street Blues 2 video is the epitome of street skating in my mind. Check it out!