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  • Chrome Mobile Factory Tour – Forged Rubber Sneakers


    Chrome is holding a mobile factory tour, giving you the chance to watch them make the Forged Rubber Sneakers first hand. If you’re in New York City, Chicago, Seattle or Portland, be sure to check out this event.


  • Seattle’s I-5 DIY Mountain Bike Park

    I’ve been really kicking myself after seeing Mr. Prolly’s post on CSK at Seattle’s I-5 DIY mountain bike park. I was just out in Seattle last month and the I-5 park was on my big ‘ole “to-do” list and sadly, I never got to visiting it. My good friend from Olympia had recommended checking it out and I somewhat over-booked myself. Oh well, I’ll be back to Seattle soon; hopefully with a bike this time, too.
    Nothing against FGFS, I’d just rather watch mountain biking so this little documentary was perfect. Enjoy this documentary showing all the hard work put into the park. Fun fact: over 12,000 hours of volunteer hours have been logged for this project!


  • Off to Seattle

    Photo Jun 09, 6 04 16 AM

    Currently I’m sitting in the Burlington airport, waiting on my delayed flight out to Chicago with a final destination of Seattle. The flight was supposed to depart at 6am and it’s currently 6:14. For some reason, the last three or four times I’ve flown out of Burlington my flights have all had decent delays (so I’ve learned to book connections with a bit of a layover). Anyway, I’ll be out in Seattle on business for my day job but definitely plan on checking out some shops and doing a bit of skating before my conference starts on Tuesday. I also have plans to eat at the Space Needle. Anyone have any suggestions of people, places or things to check out? Shoot me an email or get at me on Twitter: and @CultureCycles or @klei_ber. I’ve also got a grip of stickers on me if anyone’s looking for a few freebies. While on the subject of traveling, I’ll also be out in SF for the last week of this month with my buddy Josh – again, feel free to hit me up!


  • Dank Bags: Coozies

    dank bags coozie seattle

    p: Mobius Cycle

    While browsing my feeds earlier I came across these awesome coozies and such from Dank Bags of Seattle. I’ve seen a few attempts at 40 oz coozies and these have gotta be the best looking! Head over to the Dank site for more info on coozies, messenger bags and other made in the USA accessories.


    Remember Cycling WMD’s WTF Townie sporting a 40 oz bottle cage? If you’re about your malt liquor then you need both of these!