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  • Visit to Cycles d’Autremont

    cycles dautremont vermont-41

    I love hanging out at Hubert’s spot. If you couldn’t tell from previous Cycles d’Autremont posts, I really admire his work and have quite an affinity for his shop.

    Hunt and I swung by last Sunday to kick it and drink a couple beers with our old buddy Hubert. As you can see from these photos, he’s been very busy. Needless to say, the surprise beers were warmly welcomed (but served cold, of course).

    As Burlington’s predominant frame builder, he sure knows how to build a bicycle tailored for Vermont’s vast variety of riding and terrain. His skills are just as diverse as his taste in bicycles, too. Everything from a custom-lugged randonneur to a race-weight steel road bike are all within his realm.

    While we were there he was doing a rebuild on a friends Andy Gilmour road bike. With his queue currently running into the spring, I’m sure playing with some old Campy bits for the afternoon was a nice change of pace.

    As we all chatted and caught up, I poked around and shot a few photos that you can view in the slideshow below. Stay tuned for more from Hubert and Cycles d’Autremont in the near future.

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  • Visiting Francesco Moser’s Garage



    Some great shots from Eroica Cicli‘s visit to Francesco Moser’s garage…One day I’ll have a space just like this and it’ll be called my “Nerd Cave”. Granted, it won’t be filled with drool-worthy NOS Campy and insane track bikes, but I’m sick of hearing about middle-aged men and their  lazy boy, big screen, all ESPN channel “man-caves” (except yours Dad, since it’s more of a naked room with a rowing machine). See the rest of this spot below, and get ready to dooool.


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  • Week Off Part 2: Bamboo Bike Studio

    Bamboo Bike Studio

    Last week while Brian and I were down in NYC we headed over to the Bamboo Bike Studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn. These guys have been on the scene for a few years now and it has been really cool to witness the growth of their project.

    While we were there we got a sneak peak at some new developments in the Bamboo Bike realm. The whole idea behind their project is sustainability and cost effectiveness. With petroleum prices on the rise they are making changes in design and construction to cope with the elevated costs.
    Fence explained two particular adaptations they have embraced to help offset costs as well as move towards a renewable – eco viable solution…..


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  • Bike Rumor: Geekhouse

    There is a really great post over on Bike Rumor about their recent visit to Geekhouse. The article touches on the relationships between frame builders in the Boston area as well as the history, and future plans, for Geekhouse. Head here to read more.