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  • New From Silca: T-Handle Folio & Tattico Mini-Pump


    Just in time for those wintertime projects and training rides, SILCA drops the T-Handle Folio and Tattico Mini-Pump. TheT-Handle Folio hex set and the Tattico Mini-Pump are part of an early teaser to SILCA’s 2017 line of products. The Tattico & T-Handle Folio hold true to the SILCA brand, which is celebrated by cycling enthusiast that demand high-quality, dependable, and beautiful products.

    The sliding T-Handle Folio is an essential hex set for the pro-mechanic’s toolbox. These tools combine fully forged single piece main bodies with sliding, oversized cross members featuring end stops. The T-Handles includes 3 position sliding cross bars allowing the tool to quickly move from high speed spinning to high leverage. Unlike traditional sliding T’s, these also detent in the center for greater control when spinning fasteners in or out at high speeds.
    The kit contains 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm and T25, T30 T-Handles in a hand-sewn waxed canvas folio bag for easy transport and storage. The 8mm has been specifically optimized for Pedal installation and removal, reducing overhang to an absolute minimum. The 10mm is designed for the Campagnolo Ultra-Torque BB bolt, with perfectly sized cross-bar length, as well as the addition of hard stops to prevent the fastener from freely sliding down the length of the tool during install
    The T-Handle Folio Bag is made from 12 oz. Waxed Duck Canvas, computer quilted with premium reflective thread in the classic SILCA diamond knurl pattern, paired with ripstop nylon and ultra-grippy designed for easy transport, and securely drapes over and fastens to any horizontal element such as a top-tube, bike stand, work stand, car door, etc.
    T-Handle Folio Features: -2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm Hex Sliding T-Handle Tools
    -T25, T30 Torx® Sliding T-Handle Tools
    -T-Handle Premio Waxed Canvas Bag

    MSRP: $ 185.00


    The Tattico Mini-Pump is designed to be large enough to work well, while being small enough in footprint that it can nearly disappear alongside a bottle cage on your high end bike; The Tattico is also the first SILCA portable pump since the 1950’s to use a hose. Cleverly positioned within the inner barrel where it is able to slide in and out of the end of the pump without being removed or having to thread in place allowing maximum air volume per stroke. The hose attaches with a compression gasket activated by a small aluminum lever.  In classic SILCA fashion, the compression gasket it reversible for Presta or Schrader. The Tattico fits comfortably in a pocket or mounted in its carbon reinforced clip under your bottle cage.

    Tattico Mini-Pump Features: 6061 Alloy barrel and gripping surfaces. -High efficiency piston design. -Long extractable filler hose with locking presta/schrader chuck. -100psi -9-1/2” length -Includes direct-mount bracket with retaining strap. -Beautiful matte black finish -Full aluminum exterior construction

    MSRP: $55.00



    SILCA HX1 Tool Drive Kit with Wood Box

    SILCA Tubless Valve Kits


  • Tubeless Valve Kits by Silca

    silca tubeless valve

    An attention to detail is something the engineering at Silca has excelled at for almost 100 years. I’m really excited to Introduce the newest release of SILCA Tubeless Valve Stem Kits and Platinum Tape. These kits add strength, reliability, and aero-dynamics to your ride where the ‘rubber meets the road’.

    Developed after years of struggling with heavy brass valve stems or fragile uber-lightweight aluminum stems, Silca Tubeless Valve Stems were engineered to present a perfectly optimized solution. Extracted from the finest cold drawn aluminum bar (rather than hollow extrusion), the Silca Tubeless Valve Stem design yields a refined stem weighing less than half of the brass valve stems, yet remain 50-200% stronger in comparison to common lightweight aluminum valve stems. The Speed Shield prevents carbon rims from being scratched or damaged by the valve nut and are optimized with spherical interface to the stem nut to eliminate bending forces which can lead to poor sealing or worse, valve stem failures.

    The Highlights and Features:

    • Less than half the weight of brass valve stems
    • 50-200% Stronger than typical aluminum valve stems
    • Ultimate level, fully machined brass valve cores with improved airflow
    • SpeedShield Improves wheel aerodynamics while protecting carbon rims
    • Spherical nut eliminates bending forces on valve stem for improved strength
    • Available 44, 60, 80, and 100mm lengths
    • Kit contains 2 Valve Stems, 2 Spherical Valve Nuts and 2 SpeedShield Rim Protectors

    Get yours here.

  • Silca HX-One Hex Wrenches


    As an ex mechanic of nearly 11 years, it’s safe to say I’ll always appreciate quality tools; especially something as often-used as a set of hex wrenches. If I were still working as a full-time mechanic, I’d all over these HX-One wrenches from Silca. Not that there was anything wrong with my Pedros wrenches, I just really like that these Silca wrenches come with a 1/4” socket adapter, 6 Torx bits as well as 2 flat head and Phillips head drivers. Oh yeah, and the Beech wood box is a pretty classy touch too.

    Get yours directly from Silca here: SILCA HX1 Tool Drive Kit with Wood Box

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