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  • Stanridge Speed Evo Track Bike – Cycle Project Store

    stanridge speed track bikeJust like most cyclists out there, we here at Culture Cycles love our bike pr0n. So let’s get back on a solid schedule of sharing beautiful bicycles starting off with this Laser-inspired, triple triangle track bike from Stanridge Speed.

    Since moving to Shanghai and leaving all my non-fixed, freewheeling bikes in the states, I’ve really been embracing the simplicity of a track bike in a busy city. It sounds cliche, but whatever; track bikes will always have a special place in my heart and I hope to always have at least 1 in my quiver (I really miss my Gan Well Pro – it’d be tight to have that out here).

    Anyway, big ups to Cycle Project Store on this build and to Stanridge Speed on making another beautiful track frame. Hopefully I can make it out to Singapore sometime during my stay here in China.


    ps. thanks to Pedal Consumption for the tip.

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  • Ah Joo – Vintage Steel Bicycle Collector from Singapore

    The Collector from RAPHA on Vimeo.

    his is pretty amazing. Ah Joo is a collector fron Singapore who has an incredible stable of steel racing bicycles, including everything from Colnago and Cinelli’s to Hetchins and vintage Richarc Sachs bicycles. Now I know what you’re thinking, “this guy probably never rides any of those”. Well you’re wrong, Ah Joo tries to ride as many of his bicycles as possible and is working up to regularly riding distances of 200-300k. “You should not avoid conditions and rain; hot sun, night or cold. You should still continue to ride, it makes you tougher. Why are you worried that your bike will get wet and dirty? you come back, clean your bike and it’s ready to ride again. To me worry doesn’t exist and the bike is actually meant for riding. That’s it.


    via Rapha.