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    surly moondlaner

    Surly Moonlander

    I’m sure all you Surly fans are familiar with their Puglsey, but how about the Moonlander? The fat bike movement has been gaining popularity and who else other than Surly to push the envelope with even bigger tires and more clearance? Pugley’s typically run Endomorph 3.8’s whereas the Moonlander is designed for their new Big Fat Larry 4.7! Read up on Singletrack‘s review of the Moonlander right here and see what they thought after a few hot laps out in Vegas.


    “At first glance the Moonlander looks like a two-ton beast that has no business riding anywhere but in a flat, straight line but I decided to give it a spin around the singletrack loop at Outdoor Demo. Despite the ginormous wheels and heavy tires I was still able to pass riders on more traditional bikes steaming up the road proving to me this is bike is more than just a concept bike or a gimmick. And although the rims on the Moonlander are officially 26″, with the tires the wheels have nearly the same effective diameter as a 29er.