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  • Sixpoint x Wheelmen & Co Nanokeg Holster

    sixpoint brewery wheelmen co nanokeg

    If you read my previous Brew Review, you’d know I’m a fan of Sixpoint Brewery‘s offerings. Just have a look at the ‘nanokeg’ holster, produced in collaboration with Wheelmen & Co.


  • Thursday Brew Review #1: Sixpoint Resin

    sixpoint brewery resin

    I was thinking the other day about how many fine beers we see here in Burlington, VT and said to myself “Why not share what I’m drinking each week?” Yeah, why not? (disclaimer, I’m no expert – I just like beer)

    So the first beer I’d like to feature is Sixpoint Brewery of Brooklyn’s “Resin” – a hoppy & potent brew that’ll really creep up on ya. While trying to make a decision on beer earlier this week, I convinced myself that $8.50ish for 4 16 oz cans quality beer was a deal. Well when I got home, I realized I’d purchased 4 12 oz cans but after the first sip, I was immediately reassured that I still got a deal; this beer was worth it.

    At 103 IBU & 9.1% ABV for just a 12 oz can, this beer will get you loose. Don’t get me wrong, it has flavor too. The beer is dry hopped with the most mature of hops.  Once they’re plump and swollen with resin they’re added to the mix, releasing essential oils and resins into the brew. The first few sips remind me of a double IPA with a strong “citrussy” flavor.

    I definitely recommend this beer to you if you’re a hop lover or an IPA head craving a little more flavor. Overall, I’d have to say this is one my favorite beers yet (only second to the locally-infamous Heady Topper). Check back next week to see what I’m drinking then or if you’ve got any good suggestions, shoot me an email:!


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