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  • Amazing Skatepark / Miniramp Inside A Church In Spain

    I can’t even get over how amazing this is…it’s something out of a dream really. I first caught wind of this incredible miniramp / skatepark in a church a couple weeks back via Instagram, but couldn’t uncover any details until recently.  What I would give to have such a perfect indoor ramp somewhere in Shanghai…

    Anyway, in Llanera, Spain a historic church was converted to a skatepark earlier on this year by a local DIY crew, La Iglesia Skate. Aside from the sheer beauty and setting (being in a Church and all), the ramp itself looks 100% perfect. You’ve got a nice, long mini ramp in the middle, a vert extension, an extension with some nice pool coping as well as a micro-mini for beginners. Plus, the artwork by Okuda San Miguel is beautiful. This right here is all I need…I don’t think I’d change anything here. Maybe convert the end where the micro is into a bowl corner or something; otherwise this is incredible.

    Now for those like me thinking this would make for a good excuse to take a skate trip to Spain, it’s not exactly close to Barcelona; and you can’t do a skate trip in Spain without hitting Barcelona…so my chances of getting skate this ramp are pretty slim, but who knows. Regardless, get ready to wipe some drool off your keyboard and maybe grab a spare set of shorts before checking out the photos below. Additional photos can be found on the La Iglesia Skate Facebook.

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