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  • Chrome Truk Pro Review


    I’ll gotta admit it, I have a real affinity for SPD sneakers. After owning a couple pairs from other brands, I can confidently say that the Chrome Truk Pro shoes are a great contender among the numerous options out there. While these are probably my favorite looking of the bunch, there are a number of reasons as to why the Truk Pro’s have won me over.

    Starting off, the all-black is right up my alley. Remember: you can’t go wrong with black on black on black. I also love how much the toe cab reminds me of PF-Flyers. At first, I didn’t think there was anything reflective on these shoes. Well, I was wrong. Take a look above the red logo and you’ll see the stealthy reflective strip going around the upper heel. A very nice touch indeed; something that I didn’t notice for the first few days…(much more below)

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  • DZR Minna Review – Thoughts after three weeks

    dzr minna review

    Three weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a pair of the new DZR Minna SPD-compatible shoes / sneakers and have had a pretty great experience with them so far. I’ve been wearing the DZRs day in and day out; commuting to work, cruising my normal errands, heading into town and I even found myself spending a few full days at work in them (and not really noticing it).

    Style-wise, these carry a subtle sophistication – something I really admire in a shoe. The blackout colorway features multiple textures and fabrics which keeps things interesting and helps the shoe to accompany whatever you happen to be wearing. They’ve also got subtle reflective inserts on the backs of the heels to help with visibility, a detail I love cause I find myself riding at night quite often.

    In terms of performance, I’ve been really impressed so far. The sole is stiff in just the right area and allows the perfect bit of flex in the toe-box and heel areas (see photo). After wearing/walking in these for a couple weeks you’ll begin to feel where the plastic insert ends, but only while walking – they’re still nice ‘n stiff above my Atacs.

    A reader mentioned a sample he tried had issues with the sole coming unglued on a sample model he received. To me, this seems somewhat inevitable in due time since you’re required to cut out the sole yourself, but it’s also easily fixable/preventable. If you’ve got some tubular glue sitting around that you’re not busy sniffing, it might be worth sealing the sole with once you cut it to prevent any separation. If it comes separated, just clean and glue.

    So far so stoked. Some detail shots/comments below.


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  • DZR Minna

    dzr minna spd compatible sneaker

    dzr minna spd compatible sneaker

    Named in honor of our showroom’s grand, gritty alley, Minna St., with graphics designed by local artist and DJ, Jeremiah Bal, these sneakers are a most fresh homage to an original.  All black, they will go with everything, everywhere, and take you back. ” – via DZR

    A pair of these brand new DZR Minnas were waiting for me last Friday when I came home from work, so I threw some cleats on ’em and have been riding them all weekend. I’ve been really excited to give a sneaker-style SPD shoe a try, and these would have been my first choice – solely on the styling of course. I like black and subtlety. My favorite detail off the bat has to be the reflective chain links on the backs of each shoe, minimal yet very practical.

    For nearly a year I’d been running Odyssey BMX pedals with some Hold Fast straps and really loved the setup except every time I got on either my road or mountain bike, I’d realize how much power I lose riding in sneakers. So having the opportunity to try a  ‘hybrid’ of the two is exciting.

    The shoes have performed well over the past few days, and have definitely surpassed my expectations for a skate-style SPD shoe. I’ll be doing my normal day-to-day riding in these and will give a more detailed report in a week or so. Until then, check out a few more details below.


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  • Chrome Bags: Kursk Pro Spd Shoe

    Introducing the new Kursk Pro from Chrome. The most unsuspecting cycling shoe ever. Put to test in the dead of Winter by Cycle Hawk messengers in New York City. Available now.