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  • Night Riding


    fat biking at night 2

    I forgot to check the weather for Monday and ended up leaving work with 3+ inches of fresh snow on the streets. My ankle has finally been feeling good enough to do some light activity, so I figured a little cruise around BHS was in order. The snow was nice and light, barely tracked too. No matter what you’re riding, I’d recommend getting out and enjoying the new snow.



  • More Fat Biking

    surly neck romancer

    surly neck romancer

    Just a couple shots from a ride this past weekend. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Neck Romancer…afternoons just seem to melt away thumping through the forest on a fat bike.


  • Maiden Voyage: Surly Neck Romancer

    surly neck romancer

    I was originally going to build this bike up and shoot it all polished and clean, but that was a fleeting thought. The night I built it up, we got a 15″ snowstorm (the most we’ve had in nearly two years), so why wait to shred? That night I rode home from a friends around 11 and didn’t make it back to my place until nearly 1:30. I ripped the Neck Romancer all over town with a cheesin’ grin the whole time.

    Today I decided to venture down to the Intervale and ride along the river. It’s been snowing all night and day, making for some fresh tracks by the river. I’m really impressed by the float these 3.8″ tires provide. I dropped the pressure down to 5ish pounds and didn’t have too much trouble making it through the trails despite the softness of the snow. Have a closer look at the bike below and be sure to check out the other fat bikes I’ve e-pimped on this blog.


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  • I Love Fatties

    surly neck romancer

    Apologies for the Instagram photo…anyway, I just picked up my Neck Romancer the other day from my friends at The Old Spokes Home and couldn’t be more excited! Here’s a little side-by-side comparison next to my XC bike. I’m heading to NJ for the holidays, so once I’m back I’ll finish the build and snap some photos. Stay tuned.

    In the mean time, check out some other Fat Bikes I’ve featured.


  • Custom Surly Neck Romancer by Blue Lug

    custom surly neck romancer (5)

    In case you couldn’t tell, I’ve been geeking on fat bikes lately. I caught the bug last winter, promising myself that I’d try to get one together for this winter. Good news is, I’ve secured a Surly Neck Romancer and am hoping to build it up this weekend. It’s not gonna be as flashy as this custom Neck Romancer Pug from Japan’s Blue Lug. In fact, it’ll be the exact opposite: murdered out. The rad part about the Neck Romancer is it’s equipped with 82 mm rims (vs 65mm on the standard Pugsley) and a Moonlander fork; making for a bigger footprint and the potential for even fatter rubber up front.

    This custom Neck Romancer features a florescent paint job by Cook Paint Works, Hope evo2 hubs to those 82 mm Rolling Darryl rims, and some flashy white WCS risers. I’d ride it, though I can’t wait to have my own built. Let’s hope we get some real snow soon! It’s been 643 days since Burlington’s gotten more than 6+ inches of snow in a given storm…there’s still hope.


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  • Custom Surly Neck Romancer

    Surly neck romancer (5)

    Surly neck romancer (8)

    With all the snow we normally get throughout a Vermont winter, I made the decision last year that I wanted to get a fat bike. While I don’t own one yet, I’m pretty sure I want either a Surly Neck Romancer or a Salsa Mukluk; that is of course, once I gather the funds. So with all my excitement about the possibility of riding trails this winter, I came up on these photos of a nicely outfitted Neck Romancer from Shinya Suzaki. This beast is outfitted with various Tree Bicycle Co bmx parts including a three-piece crankset, bmx stem and saddle in addition to the Alfine 8 internally-geared setup. While the bmx bits may or may not jive with you, you gotta give a nod to the creativity. My only issue is the front and rear tires being on their respective front and rear wheels…(oops). See the rest below.


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