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  • I Love Fatties

    surly neck romancer

    Apologies for the Instagram photo…anyway, I just picked up my Neck Romancer the other day from my friends at The Old Spokes Home and couldn’t be more excited! Here’s a little side-by-side comparison next to my XC bike. I’m heading to NJ for the holidays, so once I’m back I’ll finish the build and snap some photos. Stay tuned.

    In the mean time, check out some other Fat Bikes I’ve featured.


  • Lovely Bicycle in VT

    I’ve always been a fan the Lovely Bicycle blog and am especially keen on her photos. This past weekend was the Fall Classic, a wonderful 200k jaunt through Vermont with some amazing foliage. I couldn’t make the ride as I was still making my way home from a large gathering, held at the owner of a globally-recognized snowboard company’s home here in VT (hint: notrub spelled backwards). I heard there was an underground tunnel, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity (and indeed there was). But it looked like everyone had a blast! I love this shot of Norris cheesin’ – see all the photos from the Fall Classic here.  She also made a visit to The Old Spokes Home while in town, an amazing shop here in Burlington of where I was formerly employed.


  • Old Spokes Home: Yuba Cargo Bike

    yuba cargo bike

    Have you been in search of an affordable cargo bike? Thinking of ditching the van? Well, the good folks at the Old Spokes Home have a couple Yuba Cargo Bikes in stock, just itching to be loaded up.



  • Dan & Derek Tackle The White Mountains

    bike touring white mountains new hampshire (1)

    bike touring white mountains new hampshire (2)

    I’d first like to wish my good friend Dan a quick recovery from a pretty serious accident he was in last week. Dan was riding home from the Catamount Family Center when an SUV took a left right into him. If you know Dan, you know he’s one of the most responsible and well-prepared, year-round bicycle commuters you’ll come across. So when I got a call from him at the hospital, I knew something serious had happened. Even with the brightest dynamo-powered headlamp and defensive riding, this is proof that we all need to keep our eyes and ears open for the unexpected. The good news is that he’s on track to make a full recovery and should be back on his bike in due time.

    A few weeks ago, Dan and my friend Derek took a journey out to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for some camping, class four roads and what looks like a serious adventure. Derek wrote a great piece on the trip over at the Old Spokes blog, so you’ll have to head over there for the full scoop and a ton of awesome photos.


  • Chris & Derek Ride The Adirondacks

    derek old spokes home

    Chris and Derek went on an epic ride through the Adirondacks a few days ago and took some great photos along the way. Here’s a shot of Derek, out of the saddle on his Indy Fab. See the whole set at the Old Spokes Flickr.



  • Congrats to the Old Spokes Home | Seven Days Daysies 2012

    old spokes home

    I’d like to congratulate all my buddies and former co-workers at the Old Spokes Home for winning the Seven Days Daysies award for “Best Bike Shop Inside Chittenden County” for the second year in a row. If you’re looking for an awesome used bike or to get your current ride serviced, you should definitely swing by and talk to the gang. Everyone at the shop is extremely friendly and eager to help you out. Also, while you’re there I’d recommend checking out the bicycle museum upstairs – Glen’s collection is incredible.



  • 2012 Single Speed Mountain Bike Worlds

    2012 Single Speed USA Mountain Bike Race Stowe
    photo: E.Johnson

    Our buddy Harris of the Old Spokes Home at the 2012 Single Speed Mountain Bike World Championships in Stowe this past weekend. I unfortunately couldn’t make the event as I’d had prior plans to be in Montreal, but from the looks of the video above (thanks Video-Vermont) and from the stories I’ve heard, I know everyone must have had a blast.  I heard there was even a 40 oz drinking contest and a maple syrup chugging stop! See some more photos here.


  • Vermont Klunking 2012

    Mountain Bike Klunking Vermont

    klunking mtb

    klunker racding
    This past Saturday our good friend (and my former roommate) Dan organized a little gathering out in Northfield, VT, centered around the idea of klunking down some Class 4 roads to pay homage to our mountain biking predecessors. The weather that day was extremely hot and pretty humid, although by the time we made it to Dan’s folk’s place the sun was beginning to retire, giving us the perfect opportunity to play horseshoes and drink a keg of amazing Harpoon IPA before descending some really hairy terrain on bikes with only a rear coaster-brake.  I gotta say, the beers certainly helped.

    As the sun began to set we rode/walked up this overgrown path that resembled an old smuggling trail, filled with ruts, rocks, water, mud, grass, ticks and a bunch of surprises you didn’t find out about until riding over them. We all took a few runs, then I posted up with my iPhone and documented some of the madness. Check out some more photos and continue reading below.


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