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  • Kickstarter: The Smartest Shirt on the Planet

    the smartest shirt on the planet
    Colin Dees – a local Burlington Bike Polo player sent me this Kickstarter for The Smartest Shirt on the Planet. He’s been helping these guys out on the project and wanted me to help spread the word. I’m all for earth-friendly products, so these shirts are right up my alley.

    The process starts with pulp extracted from wood chips that’s then made into a fiber and further processed into a fabric. This fabric is known as Eucalyptex – a 96% lyocell and 4% spandex blend that’s perfect for wicking moisture, is anti-bacterial and softer than merino wool (currently my favorite fabric).

    Check out more on the Kickstarter page and throw ’em some loot if you’re down for the cause.