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  • Thrasher Magazine Double Rock: The Worble

    Holy hell this is awesome. Sorry for doubling up on the skateboarding posts, but I just couldn’t let this one slide.

    You’ve seen The Worble featured here before, but incase you haven’t, these are some of my homies from back in Vermont and they’re out in California making a name for themselves. I saw a little while back that they were filming this Double Rock for Thrasher Magazine and have been eagerly waiting to check it out since. Hit play and I guaruntee that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.

    Featuring: Andy Dicker, Steve Mull, Alex Farrara, Ivan Glenney, Brian Glenney, Rick Rossi, Dave Mull and Nate Benner.

    More shenanigans at The Worble.

  • Flashbacks: The Worble – Skateboarding In Snow

    I know I’ve been posting a lot more skateboarding related stuff recently…reason being, it’s what I’m surrounded with out here in Shanghai. I don’t really have easy access to amazing riding like I did back in Vermont. There’s definitely a trade-off to being here though; every single square inch of this city is made for skating! All kinds of pros and teams come through Shanghai every Fall and Spring to experience this concrete playground. So, I’m spoiled in regards to the skating.

    Even though I live among some of the world’s best ledges and most unique spots in the world, I still get homesick and find myself missing the east coast crust I’m used to; I’m sure part of the reason I’ve been so homesick lately is due to the Andy “A Dog” Williams Memorial Skatepark that just opened in Burlington.

    While I won’t be making it home for the holidays this year, I’d like to share this classic from The Worble, Skateboarding In Snow.

    PS. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • The Worble “From The Borders” on Thrasher Magazine

    Like nature? Want to see one of the most refreshing skateboarding videos out there? Then my buddies at The Worble have you covered. I bought a copy of “From The Borders” back in Vermont and took it along with me on my move to Shanghai and have shown it so countless people since being here; everyone was completely blown away.

    Gems like this don’t go unnoticed for long. Check out the Thrasher Magazine for the full feature of The Worble’s “From The Borders”. Enjoy.


  • The Worble: From The Borders – Vermont Skateboarding

    A couple of my friends and skate buddies put together this amazing video titled From The BordersI got my copy last night and was absolutely blown away. The cinematography, the environments, the wildlife and the skateboarding were all incredible. If you’re at all interested in Vermont skateboarding, you gotta check out the latest video from The Worble.

    The video features parts from Steve Mull, Nate Benner, Charley Mull, Alex Farrara and Dave Mull. Give the trailer a watch and if you like what you see, grab yourself a video at Talent Skatepark and Shop. All proceeds from the video benefit their cross country journey as they send-off Dave Mull to Los Angeles.


  • Surfaces: A Vermont Skateboarding Adventure

    Ian Durkin put this video together featuring a Vermont crew known as The Worble. With some help from Poler, the guys cruised all over the Green Mountain State and explored the variety of surfaces it has to offer. This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while, and it’s got me eager for summer camping trips.