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  • Paul Components Set N’ Forget Thru-Axle

    paul thru axel

    All you thru axle users out there, rejoice; Paul has created a US-made through axle quick release with an indexing head and internal cam mechanism: the Set N’ Forget thru-axle / quick release.

    The QR through axle is comfortable in any position thanks to the 12-position indexing head. So find that perfect position for your lever and forget snagging bushes, branches and other trail debris ’cause your lever will be tucked in the perfect position.

    You already know Paul Components delivers some of the best precision-engineered and crafted components in the game, so if you’re in the market for a new through axle and need the best in the game, head on over and check out the Set N’ Forget.

  • Thru Axle vs. Quick Release?

    20568654643_7e46e031c4_b (1)
    Ever wondered what the benefits of using a thru axle are versus a quick release, or rather, the benefits of a quick release over a thru axle? Well, the good guys over at 44 Bikes dove in on the subject and came up with a super detailed and throrough piece on the hot topic.

    Head on over to 44 Bikes to read their TA vs. QR piece.