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  • The Bike Messengers 1992-1998 by Trevor Hughes

    Trevor Hughes the bike messengers (1)

    Trevor Hughes the bike messengers (4)

    photos: Trevor Hughes

    Here’s an amazing 200+ photo series by Trevor Hughes, documenting the heyday of being a bike messenger in Toronto. These photos were shot during Trevor’s time as a messenger in Toronto and really give you a feel (or flashback) of what it was like to be a messenger in the 90s. See a couple more of my favorites below and be sure to browse the full The Bike Messengers 1992-1998 set on Flickr – I promise you’ll easily burn the better part of an hour; just don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


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  • Igor Kenk: A Graphic Portrait by Richard Poplack

    By combining various media, styles, and influences, artist and cyclist Richard Poplack has taken the story of Igor Kenk, who you may remember as the Toronto bicycle theif, and presented it in a never before seen way. The virtual book combines video, text and illustration to create this Journalistic masterpiece. You can read more on this project, as well as take a nice preview of the book here, below is a brief synopsis from the site.

    “KENK: A Graphic Portrait is a ground-breaking 304-page journalistic comic book detailing the life and times of Igor Kenk, “the world’s most prolific bicycle thief” (The New York Timesand The Guardian). In summer 2008, Kenk was arrested and nearly 3,000 bicycles were seized in one of the biggest news stories of the year. Built from more than 30 hours of never-before-seen intimate footage taken over the year leading up to his arrest, KENK is a thought-provoking and surprisingly funny portrait of an outsize neighbourhood figure and a city in flux, both wracked by the forces of gentrification and by a burgeoning global environmental and economic crisis that promises to define our generation.

    KENK is an exciting new hybrid that simultaneously takes the form of documentary film, journalistic profile and comic book.”