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  • DONTDO – Evan Murphy & Stanridge Speed Bicycles Part 1

    This is rad. Evan Murphy is fast. Stanridge Speed Bicycles are the truth.

    DONTDO met up with Evan Murphy in Red Hook to pick his mind on riding in Brooklyn, racing track bikes on the street and riding in the Red Hook Crit. This video is not one to miss!


  • Field Cycles Track Bike


    It’s been a while since I’ve posted a beautiful bicycle up, and for that I’m sorry. Packing up your life of 6.5 years in a matter of weeks isn’t easy; and don’t get me started on the visa process. Anyway, I really like what the folks at Field Cycles of Sheffield are up to and this track bike seemed like the perfect way of freshening things up around here.

    At first glance, I thought this was a carbon track bike simply due to the shape of the tubes. Though after further inspection, I learned it was built Reynalds oval tandem tubing and can only imagine how stiff this bike must be. Oh, and how about that paint? When I was first scrolling through photos of this bike, I couldn’t help but think of Beetlejuice…right? Get a closer look at this beauty below and make sure to have a look at the other offerings from Field Cycles.


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  • Massan For Chrome Video Release Event!


    Oh man, this is gonna be good! If you’ve ever seen Massan ride, you know that this video is going to be full of shredding. If you’re in Portland and are free tomorrow, be sure to check out this video premiering at the Chrome hub at noon west coast time!


    Chrome Industries announces the live screening of its first short film this Friday, December 13th at noon west coast time. Chrome will temporarily take over its website for the screening from 12:00 to 12:30 pm. The Chrome Crew worked with Portland natives Kamp Grizzly to document Massan Fluker taking his track bike and Chrome’s new Barrage Rolltop to the hills and bridges of Portland. The final 3 minute short includes some of the best riding Portland has to offer including an epic decent of Burnside at +40 mph. Set your phone alarms for noon this Friday to catch the live screening. Spread the word.   

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  • Mash SF: Chas Christiansen

    Chas shreds so hard in the latest Mash edit! Turn up your speakers for this one…great riding man!


  • Alex Meade Track Bike

    Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 10.32.27 PM

    This Alex Meade track bike photographed by Niki Hurley of Mobius Cycle is absolutely perfect. This beautifully lugged steel track frame is complimented nicely by a custom saddle and bar tape by Mick Peel of Busyman Bicycles and setup with the nicest Campy bits. From what I gather, this bicycle was built up by Branford Bike in Seattle. Either way, this track bike is gorgeous.  Get a closer look over at the Mobius Cycle Flickr – things have been getting crazy over there lately!



  • 2013 Red Hook Crit Barcelona Official Video

    2013-09-11 09-58-08_Red Hook Crit Barcelona 2013 - Official video on Vimeo

    An amazingly done video from the 2013 Red Hook Crit Baracelona. This course looks incredible, especially that turn around the 1:00 mark…


  • Viner Pista Track Bike

    viner track bike

    viner track bike-2

    Andrey from Russia is at it again. This time he’s hitting us with a beautiful Viner Pista track bike that he’s just finished for his wife. I love the way this came out and don’t think I’d do a thing differently; I’m especially feeling the Dostoevsky backdrop! Some background on the build from Andrey:

    VINER was founded in 1947 in Pistoia, a small town approx 30 miles northwest from Florence, by Mr. Viviano Nerozzi. The brand name is just a contraction of his first and second name VI-NER.

    Gipiemme was founded in Milan in 1964 as a high quality machine shop. Their name is the initials ‘GPM’ pronounced as a word. It has been said that GPM stands for “Gran Premio della Montagna”, the high points on mountain stages of the Giro d’Italia.

    3T was originally called Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese (Turin Tube Technology), taking its name from the city of Turin, where it was founded in 1961 by Mario Dedioniggi.

    If you missed Andrey’s last project, be sure to check out the Colnago Super Pista he sent over last time.


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  • Mash SF: Kyle Murphy

    After the previous Mash SF short caught a bit of heat over on Mr. Probably’s site, I figured this quickie from Kyle Murphy might reel things back in. Loving the basket, too!

    Happy Friday! Get out and shred this weekend.


  • 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Track Bike: VRZ 2

    RalfHolleis-VRZ2Track (1)



    Things have been a little slow around here lately, so what better way to pick up the speed than with a track bike? Sure, I’ve posted plenty of fast bikes here but how many are constructed using 3D printed titanium lugs? Technology these days fascinates me. I just got back the other day from Seattle where I attended a conference about search engine marketing and while I’ve been saying this for a while, it’s never been more apparent that computers these days are smarter than about 60% of the US population. No doubt.

    It’ll be interesting to see what place 3D printing will occupy in the bike industry, too. Charge Bikes have already played around with 3D printed dropouts…and now folks like Ralf Holleis are printing titanium lugs. I guess only time will tell…

    More below


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  • Massan & Macaframa 2013

    There’s nothing quite like watching Massan rip a hill on a track bike. Here’s the latest from Macaframa, now go shred.


  • Bealach Na Bà: The 5th Floor & The North Race

    video by Angus Sung
    This is pretty rad and has me psyched for summer gap rides with my buddies; except I’ll be on a road bike and not a track bike. Check out The 5th Floor and The North Race as they take on the 3rd highest paved road in Scotland, Beaclach Na Ba.

  • Kiyo Miyazawa NJS Track Bike



    Spring is finally here and what better way to welcome it than with a track bike? This Kiyo Miyazawa steel njs bike from Mobius Cycle is a sure stunner and the rainbow paint is the perfect nod to spring’s arrival. Those Phil Wood track cranks really up the bling-factor here too. Check out a few more shots below! Hope everyone’s been getting their Vitamin D in this weekend.

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