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  • Derek’s Bike Tour in Rwanda

    If you’ve been following along for the last month or so, you’ll remember our good friend Derek’s been touring through Rwanda on his Trucker Deluxe. Unfortunately, his trip was cut short after he broke his femur (read how here), but he’s remained positive and already looking towards his next journey. We’ll probably try to get a little New England tour together towards the end of the summer, care to join? Check out this short that Derek put together from a few days of riding and be sure to read his stories at Horizons Oblivious.


  • Derek Update: Kigali to Kivu



    Our buddy Derek’s been truckin’ along through Rwanda on the tour of a lifetime. If you missed our earlier updates on his journey, he’s already made it through a number of countries and even spent some time volunteering at a community bike shop in Kenya on Mfangano Island. His last update is full of photos and stories from his recent journey from Kigali to Kivu. I can’t really do justice to his words, so you’ll have to head over to his travel blog Horizons Oblivious and read about his experiences so far. I need to get out and do some touring this year!

    Above you’ll see Derek’s fully loaded Trucker Deluxe and a shot of him giving a little guitar lesson in Gitarama. Don’t skip on his site though if you’re looking for a good read. His stories are rich with detail and will make you want to get out and explore the globe via bicycle.


  • Derek Update | Bike Touring Through Istanbul, Turkey, Iraq & Kurdistan


    The last time I posted about Derek earlier this month, he was packing his Long Haul Trucker, getting ready for a tour of a lifetime. So far, he’s made it through Istanbul, Turkey, Iraq, Kurdistan and is currently in Kisumu, Kenya on Mfangano Island where he’s volunteering at the Ekialo Kiona Community Bike Shop. After that, he plans on exploring Rwanda by bicycle for a while before returning to Boston. Keep up with him and his captivating stories and photos at Horizons Oblivious (head’s up, you might get sucked in for a few hours).

    Posted above is his personal hut on Mfangano overlooking Lake Victoria and the Kenyan mainland. Best of luck on the rest of your journey buddy, can’t wait to ride again when you’re back in the states!


  • How To Pack A Long Haul Trucker Deluxe

    My good friend, former co-worker and riding buddy Derek just set off for a 3 month tour where he’ll be traveling via his Long Haul Trucker Deluxe through Istanbul, Kenya, and Uganda. He’s planning to volunteer at the Ekialo Kiona Community Bike Shop on Mfangano Island for a month before getting back on his bike to travel through Rwanda.

    This video of him packing his Trucker Deluxe was made the same day I frame-saver’d my Necro Pug, so Derek’s been on the road for a week or so. Follow his journey here Horizons Oblivious.