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  • The Great Turkey Chase Part 6 Recap


    Pardon me for the lack of updates this past week. As I write this, I’m sitting in the Cleveland Airport awaiting my flight back to Burlington and figured I should let you know what’s been going on.

    Last Sunday was the 6th installment of The Great Turkey Chase, an alley-cat style food drive similar to Cranksgiving, put on by Liam Griffin each year. This was my 4th year riding and probably my favorite yet!

    We had 26 riders come out this year; despite the 20-degree weather with a 7-degree windchill, 30 MPH winds and a couple inches of snow, everyone finished the race and we ended up collecting about 600 pounds of food and 18 turkeys for the Vermont Food Shelf. Not bad!

    I woke up Sunday morning in a bit of a confused state, and after seeing some new snow on the ground I decided that it’d be a great idea to ride my mountain bike for the race that’s 95% on sealed roads. My ‘cross bike would have been perfect, but as I said, my ability to make logical decisions that morning was laughable…

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  • The Great Turkey Chase, Part 6

    the great turkey chase 6

    It’s that time of year again! Get ready for The Great Turkey Chase, Part 6 coming up a week from today here in Burlington, VT on Sunday, November 24. While many choose to race the route, as always, it’s open to all bikes and levels of fitness. The goal here is to collect food for the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf.

    Important Details:

    • Meet at Maglianero on 11/24 at 11:00 am.
    • Bring $15, a lock, helmet and bag. All money will be used for food donation purchases.
    • Bring any bike, your wife/husband/significant other/kids/friends/anyone and have a great time!
    • RSVP on Facebook

    HUGE thanks to Liam for putting this event on every year! It’s been such a fun race. I haven’t been riding much lately since I’ve been injured and just took a vacation, but I’ll be out cruising either way and you should be too!


  • The Great Turkey Chase 5 Recap

    great turkey chase 5 burlington vermont (2)

    great turkey chase 5 burlington vermont (1)

    This past Saturday was The 5th annual Great Turkey Chase orchestrated by Liam Griffin. This was my third chase since living in Burlington and probably my favorite to date! The weather was gorgeous; I literally rode in a long sleeve button-down and jeans (the same clothes I’d worn the night before), with no need for a jacket or even gloves. In Vermont at this point in the year that’s unheard of. Especially since I had a number of friends who opted to go ride Stowe, Kilington, or Mount Snow that day. Yup, like the annoying house guest, winter shows up early here and stays far beyond its welcome.

    Liam did a great job of putting this all together again, so a huge thanks goes out to him for giving us a fun event where we can give a little back to the community. I’d also like to thank him for including us as a sponsor the the second year. As far as results go, Simmers finished first in terms of speed, however Lockwood took the win for buying TWO turkeys (buying a turkey gets you a time bonus) and Norris was by default bumped to third. I finished a few heads later with no turkeys on hand as my bag was filled with all the layers I’d been stripping. Thanks to Liam for these photos, see a few more below. Stay tuned for some shots I took later this week.


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  • The Great Turkey Chase IV – Cory Mcdonald’s Photos

    The Great Turkey Chase Burlington Vermont bike ride

    This past Saturday was The Great Turkey Chase part 4, an annual food drive bike ride/race organized by Liam Griffin. Firstly, I’d like to thank Liam for putting this together each year – it brings so many great people together, all on bikes, riding or racing while collecting food for those in need this Thanksgiving. The group of riders and racers this year tipped the scales bringing in 1470 pounds of canned goods, turkeys, stuffing mix, and much more – that’s about a 520 pound increase over last year! There were also 22 turkeys collected.

    Prizes were awarded for 1st – 4th Fixed and Freewheel as well as heaviest human haul and most weight in tow.

    My second year racing couldn’t have been more enjoyable. I could have done with less headwinds, but what’s a race without torture and suffering? Check out the results below as well as a few photos from Cory Mcdonald. Have a look Cory’s full album on Facebook here and Liam’s shots right here.

    Thanks again, we all had a blast! Stay tuned for some of Hunt’s photos.


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  • 10 Questions with Liam Griffin

    Liam Griffin

    You may have already read this quick interview Maglianero conducted with Liam – but in-case you haven’t, be sure to read up on a Burton Snowboards legend and creator of this year’s 4th annual Great Turkey Chase by following me to the Maglianero Blog.

    For those who aren’t familiar, the Great Turkey Chase has been an alleycat-style food drive and bike ride for the warm-hearted cyclists of Burlington, VT.  It’s coming up this Saturday so make sure to RSVP here!


  • The Great Turkey Chase, part 4

    Turkey Chase 4 Burlington Vermont

    There have been so many fun bike events lately! Coming up on Saturday November 12 we have Liam’s 4th annual Turkey Chase – I did this race for the first time last year and had a ton of fun. Head over to the Facebook page for more info and mark those calendars!