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    Herringbone Tweed Ride Burlington VT

    Have you RSVP’d to The Herringbone Tweed Ride and yet to assemble your outfit? Never heard of a ‘tweed ride’ and looking for some more info? Put your worries to rest because I’m in the same boat as you.  With a budget close to nothing, I’m going to share some ideas I have for dressing dapper on a dime and show some fine examples of properly dressed club cyclists

    My first course of action in compiling my kit is going to be vising the local Goodwill and Salvation Army in search of a nice Norfolk Jacket – a single breasted wool/tweed jacket with box pleats on the front and back. The closest Goodwill is at 1080 Shelburne road in South Burlington and we’ve got a Salvation Army on North Winooski next to the Old Spokes Home.  Norfolk jackets were (and still are in some areas) popular for military and police uniforms as it allowed them plenty of arm movement to fire their rifles – thus being a great choice for the savvy club cyclist as well.

    I’d also like to acquire a pair of plus 2 knickers for the ride – most likely nice mildly-baggy pair of tweed trousers that I’ll cut and sew into knickers. Once I find  these pieces I’ll look for a hat worthy of the outfit; either a flat cap or Frank Sinatra-esque fedora with a feather.

    For the ladies the most popular choice for club riders was Bermuda shorts with a complimentary blouse and short stockings. The shorts were cut a little shorter than the men and if your bike comes with a step-through frame feel free to wear your favorite dress.

    If you have no luck with Goodwill of Salvation Army, I’d suggest checking out these used clothing stores around Burlington.

    Downtown Threads

    Battery Street Jeans

    Old Gold

    Dirt Chic

    Have any other spots you like to recommend? Email or comment.

    Hope to see you October 22nd for the ride! See some finely dressed lads and lasses below.


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