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  • Newly Independent: Firefly Bicycles

    First there was Fat Chance, who forever changed the way steel bicycles were built, then upon their move out of Boston to Glen’s Falls, NY a new brand was born. Independent Fabrications. If you’ve been following IF recently you may know that they have made big plans to move to New Hampshire to do bigger and better things.

    Today Tyler Evans and Jamie Medeiros, the IF’s founders, announced that they will be staying behind in Boston yet again and starting Firefly Bicycles. They’ll be building  both Road & Cross, Ti and Stainless bikes, with a bounty of options including SS Couplers, fender mounts and horizontal droupout (fuck yeah) all the information, as well as a fit kit, are available on the site.

    “From a really simple standpoint, we can and will make some of the world’s most impeccably designed and carefully built bikes, for both recreational and competitive use,” said Tyler Evans, Firefly’s founder. “We’ve brought in Kevin Wolfson, an incredible frame designer and super cyclist. We’re taking nothing for granted. The high-end, handmade bike customer has seriously high expectations, as they should. The handmade industry’s craft and quality have never been better and there are a number of great builders out there. I’m confident we will raise the bar. We wouldn’t be doing this for any other reason.”

    I for one cannot wait to see and hear more. Hot damn. Check out the new Firefly website here.