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  • Week Off Part 3: King Kog &Tall Bike

    Hunt Manley Tall Bike

    Earlier this month, Hunt and I had a week off to head down to Jersey and the city for a little visit. While riding around Brooklyn, we decided to pay Gina and Shawn at King Kog a visit. As soon as we got there it started raining so we hung out inside and did some frimping and chatting. While inside we came across this wild tall bike they had on loan from a friend who’s currently touring on another tall bike he’s made – crazy. They told us to test ride it, so we took it for a spirited stroll down the block and over a few curbs – you’d be S.O.L. trying to wipe the doo-doo eating grin off either of our faces. Thanks guys!

    If you missed the first and second reports from this journey, have a look at those and be sure to browse the other shots below.


    Week Off Part 1: NYC

    Week Off Part 2: Bamboo Bike Studio


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  • Week Off Part 2: Bamboo Bike Studio

    Bamboo Bike Studio

    Last week while Brian and I were down in NYC we headed over to the Bamboo Bike Studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn. These guys have been on the scene for a few years now and it has been really cool to witness the growth of their project.

    While we were there we got a sneak peak at some new developments in the Bamboo Bike realm. The whole idea behind their project is sustainability and cost effectiveness. With petroleum prices on the rise they are making changes in design and construction to cope with the elevated costs.
    Fence explained two particular adaptations they have embraced to help offset costs as well as move towards a renewable – eco viable solution…..


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  • Week Off Part 1: NYC

    Culture Cycles NYC

    p: Hunt Manley

    Hunt and I were able to get last week off from work and took a drive down to visit New Jersey and New York City. We had a blast; and the time off was definitely put to good use.

    We headed into the city on Wednesday afternoon and spent most of the day riding, vising a few shops (more on that later), drinking beers, trying to challenge Williamsburg dudes to games of pool, riding more, getting soaked in an evening thunder storm and loitering/waiting for Vivian to get us an apartment key. Even fully saturated and covered in city grime we couldn’t have been happier to be there. Here are a few photos – there will be more in future posts, click below for now.

    photos by Hunt and myself.


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