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  • Wit Industries Fendor Bendor 3

    The other night I went out for a midnight thrash on my track bike and was met quite the downpour. Ok, scratch that. It was absolutely pissing.

    I took refuge under a bridge for a while on my way to a bar, waiting for the downpour to pass. I don’t mind riding in the rain, but if I’m going somewhere where I’ll be surrounded by pretty girls, I’d prefer to not have a coon stripe of Shanghai street grime running up my rear. After the rain passed, I continued on my way to the watering hole simultaneously watering my uh, arse.

    Wit Industries has the perfect solution for situations like this: the Fendor Bendor 3. I’ll definitely be picking one up and stashing it in my bag for the surprise storm. Did I mention it’s foldable? Brilliant.