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  • Faraday Porteur Bike

    faraday bike

    The new porteur bike from Faraday looks great! Designed by Adam Vollmer, it’s got everything you need in a city bike and nothing you don’t. Okay, well maybe you don’t need disc brakes or an electric bike in general…but if it gets more people to ditch their cars then I’m all for it. This is the best looking electric bicycle that I’ve seen. It comes standard with a porteur rack, sleek wooden fenders and a Gates carbon belt drive. Head on over to Faraday Bikes for more info on their electric porteur bike!


  • Nisnas Industries Has Launched


    Back in February I posted about the Kickstarter campaign for Nisnas Industries, a bag and fender outfit out of Wadi Nisnas, Haifa in Israel. Since then, they’ve successfully launched their project and have secured a space where they can educate the local community on their craft. Be sure to check out their site for more info and to see the goods.


  • Nisnas Industries: St. John Street Project

    Yossi and Max of Nisnas Industries are on a mission to transform and further develop bicycle commuting and craftsmanship over in Haifa, Israel. They’re currently raising funds on Kickstarter in order to open their first production space, acting as both a place to produce their goods and double as a community workshop. Their goal is to employ local artists to create their wooden fenders, leather bags and high quality accessories. This space will also be open after hours to teach local youth. It’s great seeing bicycles connecting communities, inspiring the youth and helping employ artists. Head on over to Nisnas Industries to see a bunch of their goods and be sure to donate to their Kickstarter if you can!