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  • World’s Lightest Road Bike: 6 lbs (2.7 kg)

    worlds lightest road bicycle

    photos: Nick Salazar at TriRig

    “A gallon of milk is 40% heavier than this bicycle”

    Gotta thank my coworker for sending this my way. I’ve seen some extremely light bikes, but this thing is obviously on completely different level; the front hub ways just 30 grams! I know what you’re thinking too, “this thing wouldn’t last…” Well, a German engineer by the name of Gunter Mai rode a similar style bike weighing just 3.2 kg for nearly 20,000 km.

    Every component on this bike has been specially made or modified for the project. Jason Wonick of Fairwheel Bikes in Tuscon, Arizona was commissioned to create/modify these components and estimates trying to recreate this bike would run at lest $45,000. Even of you’ve got cash like that, good luck trying to find the carbon used – its apparently borrowed from Formula One.

    See these components and the rest of the bike in detail below.

    via Antranik


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